BBC Radio 4: Brian Aldiss chooses his Desert Island music / Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde RADIO DRAMA

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Online AudioRoy, our UK correspondent, has written int to remind me of a repeat broadcast of Desert Island Discs (a show in which celebrities list and discuss their favorite music) that will be airing on Friday (Feb. 2nd @ 9:00am) with guest of Science Fiction author Brian Aldiss. Guests of the show are asked to choose the eight records they would take with them to a desert island. Due to music rights issues this show is NOT AVAILABLE through the ‘Listen Again’ service, so one has to ‘tune in’ or listen via live stream RealAudio.

In more straightforward listening, Roy also tells us that a new production of a new adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s proto-Science Fiction story The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde that will be upcoming on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Saturday Play‘ slot…

Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
By Robert Louis Stevenson; Performed by a FULL CAST
Radio Broadcast – Approx. 60 Minutes [RADIO DRAMA]
Broadcaster: BBC Radio 4
Broadcast: Saturday February 3rd 2007 @ 14:30 (U.K. Time)

And, you can look for this one on the ‘Listen Again‘ feature the day after it airs.

New Hampshire Public Radio on Speculative Fiction with James Patrick Kelly

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Online Audio New Hampshire Public RadioLiz Bulkley of New Hampshire Public Radio‘s The Front Porch show recently ran a profile of “Speculative Fiction.” Guests include New Hampshire residents and writers James Patrick Kelly and Maren Tirabassi. Download the 30 minute|MP3|!

“Science Fiction writers and readers often make big distinctions between the subgenres within their craft. We’re going to explore part of that world tonight with authors James Patrick Kelly and Maren Tirabassi. Kelly’s newest book Burn has been nominated for a Nebula Award by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Maren Tirabassi is a former poet laureate of Portsmouth, a pastor in the United Church of Christ, and the author or editor of eleven books. She presents programs as part of the New Hampshire Humanities Council on ‘Faith and Fantastic Fiction.'”

[via SF Signal]

7th Son Book 2 Deceit set to conclude in March

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SFFaudio News

7th Son Book II: Deceit, the second book in J.C. Hutchins‘ popular podcast novel series is set to conclude in March. To get you juiced about subscribing there will be celebrity cameos for each installment culled from the realms of Science Fiction publishing and television. Each episode a guest reader will recap the novel’s previous events, bringing listeners up to date on the story so far. Guest recappers will include authors Nick Sagan, Kevin J. Anderson, Alan Dean Foster, Cory Doctorow, Helen Keier and actress Gigi Edgley!

Subscribe by plopping this link into your podcatcher:

Circus 13 Productions – An Audio Drama Collective

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SFFaudio Online Audio

Online Audio - Circus 13 ProductionsCircus 13 Productions is a new amateur audio drama co-operative offering original and Fan-Fic shows. The group appears to be modeled on the successful Pendant Productions and Darker Projects audio theater groups, offering a mix of Fan-Fic and original series voiced by amateur actors. A difference I’ve noticed in their X-Men series Circus 13 makes extensive use of narration.

Shows with episodes out already include:

Assault A pair of thieves, decide to break into A.T.L.A.S. Labs, the most high-tech laboratories in the world, to steal some “toys” so they can sell them and live like kings the rest of their lives.

Quest For The Passion Stone A young man discovers he is the third incarnation of an already twice dead hero of a secret world called the Underhollow. It exists alongside, and sometimes in the “real” world.

Truck A bounty hunter traveling through time and space in order to track down the worst of the worst.

Circus 13 Presents An anthology series.

X-Men: Days of Future, Past! An adaptation of Chris Claremont and John Byrne’s comics tale.

James Bond: Casino Royale Bond is on a mission to neutralize a lethal, high-rolling Russian operative called simply ‘Le Chiffre’.

Also in the works are two more Fan-Fic shows: Doctor Who and Iron Man!

All programs can be downloaded from the website in MP3 format. So far, there’s only one podcast feed (for Assault):

More Public Domain SF: The Lani People by J. F. Bone

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SFFaudio Online Audio

Maureen O’Brien, of the Maria Lectrix podcast is working on yet another public domain Science Fiction novel. Maria writes:

“Yes, I’m starting another short SF novel. I can’t help myself! It’s the perfect SF form! And hey, it’s a 1962 novel that’s in the public domain!

The Lani People by J. F. Bone has an unusual protagonist — a veterinarian fresh out of school in the far future. It’s another example of a theme that seems to have been in the air in the early sixties and seventies — who counts as human? And how can we live with ourselves, if we define someone human as less?”

Science Fiction Audiobook - The Lani People by J. F. Bone

It sounds cool huh? After all the chapters are finished we’ll post a link to where you can find the complete novel. If you’d like to follow along while these readings progress subscribe by plugging this feed into your podcatcher:

Listen to "The History Of Utopias" on Open Source with Christopher Lydon

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Online Audio PRI - Open Source with Christopher LydonOpen Source with Christopher Lydon, the Public Radio International show, has an informative discussion on “The History Of Utopias”.
Download the show |MP3|

We are more interested in the long history of Utopias (and dystopias, their evil twins) — and how they’ve always reminded us about our most urgent desires, dreams, fears, and obsessions. These stories are nothing new: from Eden and Plato to Swift and More, from Orwell to Skinner to Dick to Atwood, we’ve been imagining the best (and worst) of all possible worlds for a long, long time. And those imaginings have obviously changed a lot over time.

Subscribe to the podcast:

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