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November 27, 2006
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Keeping apprised of what audio exists out there is very difficult. One technique I use is to join Science Fiction and Fantasy email mailing lists. It is very easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of postings but if people are interested there are some workarounds – use digests, RSS feeds or just vist the archives on occasion. Collected below are some electronic mailing lists I’ve come across…

Yahoo! GroupsYahoo! Groups electronic mailing lists. Group messages can be posted and read by e-mail. Members can choose whether to receive individual e-mails or daily digest e-mails. Some Groups are simply announcement lists, to which only the Group moderators can post, while others are discussion lists. New users are required to register for membership and typically can’t join groups without moderator approval. There are thousands and thousands of groups. Perhaps you know of some that we should add to the list below?

Old Radio Shows On MP3OldRadioShowsOnMP3
Members: 3472
Category: Old Time Radio
Founded: 1999

This group talks about OTR (Old Time Radio) and modern radio theater. Their official line is “talk about MP3 players, Podcasts, web sites to download shows and MP3 trading. Old time radio shows, actors, radios and media to store OTR on. Also any newer radio drama is OK too.”

Members: 255
Category: Old Time Radio
Founded: 2004

Pendant Productions is a fan-based audio group that produces full-cast serial audio dramas. Signing up will keep you up to date with all the productions and it is also useful for people interested in their casting calls too!

Modern Audio DramaModernAudioDrama
Members: 197
Category: Programs
Founded: 2001

“A discussion of the production of Modern Audio Drama” which while not being exclusively Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror related, tends to have a lot of all three. Many audio drama podcasters use this one.

Members: 95
Category: Radio
Founded: 2004

This is a group dedicated to finding, collecting, and enjoying Science Fiction radio shows. Covering OTR and NTR both. Also useful is their extensive files section which includes an up to date website resource.

Members: 35
Category: Science Fiction and Fantasy
Founded: 2003

Hey that’s us! SFFaudio is a group established to discuss Science Fiction and Fantasy on audio. Audiobooks, podcasts, audio drama, radio… anything you listen to that is Speculative Fiction related is fair game. We’re fans of Science Fiction and Fantasy who enjoy the audio experience. This group has been pretty quiet, but is happy to accept new members.

Google GroupsGoogle Groups works very similarly to Yahoo! Groups, but has the nice addition of an RSS feed. Also neat is the ability to access Usenet newsgroups dating back to 1981!

Members: 58
Category: Arts & Entertainment
Created: 2006

Christiana Ellis runs this group, she’s the author of the podiobook from which the group take its name. A very nice example of a narrow-focused mailing list and discussion group.

Do you know of some electronic mailing lists that contain significant SFFaudio related postings? If so please let me know!

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