Dream-Land by Edgar Allan Poe (read by Wayne June)

January 22, 2013
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I hadn’t heard of Dream-Lands, by Edgar Allan Poe, until I spotted mention of it in some obscure tome. It sounded cool. So I found the original publication in Graham’s Magazine, June 1844, read it, and then and sent it to my friend, Wayne June. Wayne hadn’t heard of it before, but he loved it, calling it “appropriately dismal.” The best part, he has recorded it for our listening pleasure.


Is that the right word?

No, not pleasure.

For our edification.

He recorded it for our edification.

Dream-Land by Edgar Allan Poe - from Graham's Magazine, June 1844

Dream-Land illustration by Hugo Steiner-Prag

Dream-Land illustration by Wilfried Satty

Dreamlands illustrated by W. Heath Robinson

Posted by Jesse Willis

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