Escape Pod asks: "What first inspired you to become passionate about Science Fiction?"

August 30, 2006
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SFFaudio @ Worldcon 2006

Podcast - Escape Pod During Worldcon, Stephen Eley, editor of Escape Pod, the premier podcast Science Fiction magazine, took time out on Saturday August 26th from organizing the Podcast party and doing several panels, to tour the dealers room, mic in hand, asking the con attendees: “What first inspired you to become passionate about science fiction?”

Many friendly people took time out to answer including: Rachel Turtledove (Harry Turtledove‘s daughter and fellow SF writer), Tim Pratt (Escape Pod alumnus), Douglas Triggs (official bannerman for Escape Pod and SFFaudio both), Johnathan Gage, Mike Resnick (Escape Pod alumnus), Vera Nazarian (SF&F author), Jetse de Vries (SF author and Interzone editor) and more!

Listen to the 9 minute MP3 documentary HERE.

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