Meddler by Philip K. Dick is PUBLIC DOMAIN

January 8, 2014
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Meddler, a short story by Philip K. Dick, is PUBLIC DOMAIN.

This was not previously known due to a fraudulent attempt to renew the copyright after it had expired.

Here is the evidence.

Meddler was first published in Future Science Fiction, October 1954.

Here is the table of contents for that magazine. It shows the presence of Meddler in that issue:

Future Science Fiction, October 1954 - table of contents

The copyright renewal form (HERE) states that Meddler was first published in “Future, October 1955”. But no such magazine exists. In fact, in 1955 only one issue of Future Science Fiction was actually published in the USA. That issue is stated as being issue #28. By counting backwards on the listing for Future Science Fiction publications (starting with Future Combined with Science Fiction Stories, May/June 1950, volume 1, number 1) we can see that the one issue published in 1955 was the 28th issue. Indeed, there was no volume 17 issue 10 of Future ever published and the magazine registered as B00000559886 does not exist. Here is the table of contents for issue #28 of Future SF, the only magazine titled “Future” published in the United States in 1955 (note the lack of Meddler by Philip K. Dick):

Future Science Fiction 28 (1955) - table of contents

Meddler by Philip K. Dick is therefore PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Here is a |PDF| of Meddler.

Posted by Jesse Willis

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