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August 28, 2007
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Applian TechnologiesSpeaking of Online Audio, and we do that a lot, I thought I’d mention a new tool for recording it. Frustrated Windows Vista users especially will want to give this software a shot. While there may be easier ways to record streaming audio using Vista, I sure haven’t found one as easy as Freecorder. This is a free Firefox (and Internet Explorer) browser plugin that lets you record any sounds coming through your web browser as either a WAV or MP3. The coolest part is that Freecorder doesn’t include any of the sounds made by your regular computer usage during recording (like the sound made by emptying a recycling bin, or those pesky error message dings). I recorded all three parts of ABC Radio National’s It Just Stopped this way. I sure wish I’d have had this back when The Seeing Ear Theater files were still around. Here’s a snippet from the press release:

“Applian Technologies has just released the Freecorder Toolbar Sound Recorder, a free audio capture program for Windows Vista which restores the audio recording functionality previously available in prior versions of Windows.

Using a new driverless recording process developed by Applian, the software allows customers to capture audio as MP3 files from virtually any application or internet stream. Freecorder Toolbar is free, and available today from”

Prior to Vista, all PCs had relatively easy access to recording web audio. But Windows Vista has severely restricted our ability to record Online Audio. Apparently this is caused by new driver signing requirement of Windows Vista. Know of a better universal workaround? Let us know!

[via Download Squad via Pocket PC Louisville]

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