Second Season of Second Shift

June 25, 2007
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Second Shift PodcastSecond Shift, that highly original podcast audio drama we told you about last year starts-up again tonight for its second season with an online release party! Brad sez:

“We’re going to kick off the season by holding a live chat where fans can talk with cast and crew while listening to the season premiere. Ever watched a TV show while talking on IM with a friend about it? This is just like that. We will release the episode during the chat, so everyone can download, listen and type “OMG!” together!

The chat will start between 9:00-9:15 p.m. EST, so show up then to make sure everyone’s in. At 9:30, we’ll release the episode on our site, and listen together.

To join the chat:
1) Go to
2) Enter whatever you want as a user name
3) Select “Other” on the menu
4) Type in “#secondshiftreleaseparty” in the dropdown

Or, if you’re familiar with IRC, just join “#secondshiftreleaseparty” on efnet.”

Catch up, or join in by plugging this feed into your podcatcher:

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