Convention panel (Readercon 2011): Capturing the Hidden History of Science Fiction

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Here’s a convention panel from Readercon 2011 entitled “Capturing the Hidden History of Science Fiction.” It was recorded back in July 2011 and the panelists include Fred Lerner, Barry N. Malzberg, Jamie Todd Rubin, Darrell Schweitzer and Eileen Gunn. Apparently one of the panelists objected to it’s existence on YouTube, but it’s up and online again.

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The Agony Column SF in SF Recordings

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The Agony Column The Agony Column has a couple of new recordings from the recent SF in SF:

Richard Bottoms interview |MP3|

Joe R. Lansdale interview |MP3|

Joe R. Lansdale reading |MP3|

Rudy Rucker reading |MP3|

Barry N. Malzberg reading |MP3|

Cecilia Holland reading |MP3|

You can subscribe to the feed at this URL:

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Hour Of The Wolf radio show has Triptree

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Online Audio - Hour Of The WolfHour Of The Wolf, is a two-hour live radio program on WBAI (99.5 FM) in New York presenting Science Fiction and Fantasy. Each program promises either a reading, radio drama or interview, often the entry will be quite mixed. The long running program also sometimes features live call-ins. Hour Of The Wolf has for a long time had a rudimentary website, but actual listening to the broadcast is made rather difficult by its lack of radio syndication, lack of a podcast and unwieldy hours of broadcast (5am to 7am on Sunday mornings). You can however with a bit of finesse use the WBAI archive, to catch recent shows. I’ve managed to navigate some of the playlist archives and found a few gems I think everyone will appreciate…

September 9th 2006 – Guest and SF author Barry N. Malzberg talks about James Triptree Jr.! |MP3|

August 26th 2006 – An ARTC Radio Drama entitled Hour Of The Wolf and a radio dramatization of James Triptree Jr.’s “Houston, Houston, Do You Read?”. |MP3|

August 5th 2006 – The guest is Julie Philips author of James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon. |MP3|

With no RSS feed or podcast we’ll just have to keep checking the website to see what new, or old, shows catch our interest.