Orthopedic Horseshoes – James Morrow, Geoffrey A. Landis, & rememberences of Hal Clement

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Orthopedic Horseshoes

The episode features scientist/author Diane Turnshek talking with hosts Al and Herb about fostering young writers, first conventions, and bad singing.  Al interviews Nebula and World Fantasy Award winner James Morrow about epiphenomenon, really cool titles, The Philosopher’s Aprentice, and The Last Witchfinder.  Herb has a chat with poet and Nebula winner Mary Turzillo, and NASA scientist and Hugo & Nebula winning author Geoffrey A. Landis; covering the nature of thought, Marvin Minsky, Joyce, Beckett, David Ives, rocket science, and fond memories of Hal Clement. 

In addition, the November episode of Orthopedic Horseshoes, “It Takes Two Murders to Make a Straight Line” is available at ThinkTwice.  The show features a discussion of mysteries (including SF mysteries) and mystery conventions, with guests jan howard finder speaking on Arthur Upfield’s mysteries,  ethicist Dr. Gordon Snow on security and the future of detective fiction, and renowned filker and Holmes scholar Carl William Thiel on why we love Sherlock Holmes.

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Listen to the GrandMasters of Science Fiction vi…

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Listen to the GrandMasters of Science Fiction via online audio
Ever wonder what your favorite Science Fiction authors sound like? We can help. Here’s a complete list of the Science Fiction Writers Of America GrandMasters sorted by the year of their induction and the online audioclips and interviews that we know about.
PLEASE NOTE: File types vary ( .mp3 .m3u .ram .wav ).

Robert A. Heinlein (1974)

Stranger in a Strange LandTime Enough for Love
“Robert Heinlein Day”“eggs in one basket”
“colonies beyond Earth”“through the universe”

Jack Williamson (1975)

-An interview from the Fast-Forward archives

Clifford D. Simak (1976) – None known

L. Sprague de Camp (1978) – None known

Fritz Leiber (1981) – None known

Andre Norton (1983) – None known

Arthur C. Clarke (1985) – None known

Isaac Asimov (1986)
-Asimov interviewed by Terry Gross 1986
-A Wired for Books interview from 1987

Alfred Bester (1987) – None known

Ray Bradbury (1988)
-A Wired for Books interview from 1992
-A Wired for Books interview from 1993

Lester Del Rey (1990) – None known

Frederik Pohl (1992) – None known

Damon Knight (1994) – None known

A.E. van Vogt (1995) – None known

Jack Vance (1996) – None known

Poul Anderson (1997) – None known

Hal Clement (1998)
-An Hour 25 online interview

Brian W. Aldiss (1999)
-A Wired for Books interview from 1984
A Wired for Books interview from 1986

Philip José Farmer (2000) – None known

Ursula K. Le Guin (2002)
-Three Hour 25 Interviews: Sep 2000Oct 2001Aug 2003

Robert Silverberg (2003) – None known

Do you know of some other online audio interviews or sound clips featuring the SFWA GrandMasters? Let us know!

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There’s a very nice interview of hard science fict…

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SFFaudio Online Audio

Science Fiction Audiobooks - Hour 25 LogoThere’s a very nice interview of hard science fiction author Hal Clement on-line at Hour 25.

Also, I’d like to urge everyone to check out Sci-Fi Overdrive, a nationally syndicated weekly science fiction talk show that covers everything from TV and movies to books and real science. Their past shows are available on-line.

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