Texas Radio Theatre takes on a Texas-sized project – Lone Star Planet

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SFFaudio’s Make An Audiobook Win An Audiobook Challenge #2A little publicity can go a long way – here’s proof. That interview with me on PodioMedia Chat |MP3| got heard by the folks at The Texas Radio Theatre Company. And that got them all fired up over the idea of the 2nd Annual SFFaudio Challenge – and so they’ve staked a claim for themselves…

And it’s a suitably Texas-sized project…

The Texas Radio Theatre Company is taking on…

Lone Star Planet (AKA A Planet For Texans) by John Joseph McGuire and H. Beam Piper!

Lone Star Planet by John Joseph McGuire and H. Beam Piper

Texas Radio Theatre member, Reg Platt, will be narrating!

This novel was the Winner of a Prometheus Award for Best Classic Libertarian SF Novel. It is a tongue-in-cheek tale featuring a planet full of Texans whose dinosaur-sized cattle have to be herded with tanks, and whose system of government derives its character from H.L. Mencken’s essay The Malevolent Jobholder. Plus it has some damn cool cover art…

Lone Star Planet - Fantastic Universe Science Fiction

Now, if we can only find an English speaking narrator from Iceland to record Space Viking

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