The Audacity To Podcast: TAP065: Audacity Compressor Showdown

April 12, 2012
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The Audacity To PodcastThe Audacity To Podcast is a podcast about the freeware program Audacity. We use Audacity to edit The SFFaudio Podcast. It’s wonderful and it’s free. Back in January, in episode TAP065: Audacity Compressor Showdown the host, Daniel J. Lewis took several podcaster’s recordings and ran them through various compression software programs – it’s pretty technical – but the results seem to be pretty conclusive – if you’re not getting paid by the hour to edit audio and you want to make your podcast sound nice and loud Levelator is what you want to use. Here’s the conclusion Lewis makes:

Surprisingly, Levelator did a consistently fantastic job on the audio and handled background noise well. It gives no controls and may add an extra step if you don’t record into WAV or AIFF. But it’s easy (albeit slow) and very effective.

Here’s the |MP3|, and HERE‘s the informative post (with all the samples you can play with).

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