The SFFaudio Podcast #188 – The Queen Of The Black Coast AUDIO DRAMA

November 26, 2012
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The SFFaudio PodcastBrokenSea Audio Productions ConanThe SFFaudio Podcast #188 – First podcast in 2008, in seven separate installments, here it is, the legendary, unconquerable epic that they didn’t want you to hear. It’s back, stronger, and wholly united into one massive adventure … the mighty BrokenSea Audio Productions adaptation of The Queen Of The Black Coast by Robert E. Howard!

Buscema, Look At Me

Buscema, It's Been A Good Life

Hugh Rankin illustration from Weird Tales

Buscema, My Heart Bleeds For You

Gerald Brom, And Their Memory Was A Bitter Tree

Buscema, Death On The Black Coast

Buscema, Shut Up Please

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