Worldcon and Harllan Ellison brought to you by The Agony Column

August 28, 2006
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Online Audio

Agony ColumnRick Kleffel of The Agony Column has beat SFFaudio to the punch and posted a super-clean recording of the vast majority of the Harlan Ellison Worldcon event that happened on Saturday afternoon. The event was entitled “Harlan Tells Us.” In it Harlan mentions that this may be his very last convention, so it was a real privilege for the attending SFFaudio staff to finally get to meet the man in person. Get it while it is hot folks… Here is the 1 Hour and 5 Minute MP3.

Rick has also posted a cool 19 minute “Worldcon Report” in MP3, he describes it as “my attempt to toss together a sort of NPR style podcast that tried to give a feeling for the many facets of the Worldcon.”

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