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Quirks And Quarks, CBC Radio’s excellent and long running Saturday afternoon science program is not only a great source of science news – it’s also a great Science Fiction resource! The show’s host, Bob McDonald, has even narrated an SF novel and is obviously a fan of both science and Science Fiction.

Every week, the program presents the people behind the latest discoveries in the physical and natural sciences, from the smallest sub-atomic particle to the largest objects in the sky and everything in between. The program also examines the political, social, environmental and ethical implications of new developments in science and technology. And now Quirks And Quarks has also got into podcasting too! Show segments are available in MP3 format for FREE!

Here’s a list of links to show segments that deal with
Science Fiction concepts:

Multiple Worlds & Parallel Universes (April 16, 2005)
LINK: http://www.cbc.ca/quirks/media/2004-2005/mp3/qq-2005-04-16a.mp3

Telepathy (November 20, 2004)
LINK: http://www.cbc.ca/quirks/media/2004-2005/mp3/qq-2004-11-20a.mp3

First Contact (March 9, 2002)
With SF writer Robert J. Sawyer
LINK to Part 1:

LINK to Part 2:

Settling The Stars (February 23, 2002)
With SF writers Joe Haldeman, Charles Sheffield and
Geoffrey Landis
LINK: http://www.cbc.ca/quirks/archives/01-02/mp3/qq230202a.mp3

Terraforming Mars (May 12, 2001)
LINK: http://www.cbc.ca/quirks/archives/00-01/mp3/qq120501a.mp3

Review of Travel by Wire by Arthur C. Clarke

SFFaudio Review

Science Fiction Audiobook - Travel by Wire by Arthur C. ClarkeTravel By Wire
By Arthur C. Clarke; Read by David Zinn
11 minutes – [UNABRIDGED]
Published: 2005
Themes: / Science Fiction / Hard SF / Teleportation / Humor /

Arthur C. Clarke’s early stories all seem to reflect some shade of his particularly British sense of humor – something which is almost completely absent from his later work. It is as if he was a “playful writer” in his youth and then a “serious writer” later on. This one is particularly playful, and has some good science fiction content too. Also nice is a brief introduction to the story written by Clarke, taken from the The Best Of Arthur C. Clarke 1937-1955. This story, Clarke’s first, was originally published in “Amateur Science Fiction Stories” magazine in December 1937. Reader David Zinn doesn’t sport an English accent but his reading is otherwise
appropriate. Available, for free, on the excellent AssistiveMedia.org website.


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ABC Radio Australia has, for a short time, archive…

SFFaudio Online Audio

ABC Radio Australia has, for a short time, archived Rodney Hall’s near future literary Science Fiction novel The Last Love Story. It is available in RealAudio format. The novel is abridged in 15 parts, and aired between July 25th and August 12th 2005. It is read by Christopher Pittman, abridged by Gail MacCallum, and produced and directed by Anne Wynter.

Here’s the link:

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Prisoners of Gravity

SFFaudio Online Audio

Prisoners of Gravity is a television show that originally ran on TVOntario from 1989-1994. It is a wonderful show full of science fiction and fantasy author interviews in a very entertaining format. Each show has a topic, like “Heroes and Superheroes”, “Collaborations”, and “Robots and Artificial Intelligence”. Commander Rick, the host, plays pre-recorded segments of various author interviews where they comment on the topic in question. It is an excellent show.

But it is a television show, and this site is devoted to audio. Though I think such a show would be FANTASTIC on audio (even this show would be great heard and not watched), it’s not available. What is available are a few audio clips on Signal Loss, a beautiful site dedicated to the show.

I wish Prisoners of Gravity was still on and I wish I could see reruns of past shows in the United States. Short of that, I wish I could download the audio from the shows to listen to in my MP3 player. Thanks for the site!

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