Radio Drama Series: Johnny Chase

February 13, 2006
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Johnny Chase Agent Of SpaceThis past season we’ve had about a dozen inquiries about Johnny Chase, Secret Agent of Space the late 1970s early 1980s CBC Radio Drama series. We suspect this is mostly due to it airing on the XM Radio’s Sonic Theater channel 163 recently – which is sadly only available in the USA. More unfortuantely the series is no longer available to Sonic Theater, at least in the forseeable future, and no CD or cassette editions of the 79 episode series have been known to have been manufactured. Unlike many USA Science Fiction OTR series like X-Minus One, Johnny Chase is not in the public domain in either Canada or the USA. So what is a Johnny Chase fan to do? Well, we’ve got some contacts at CBC and we’d be happy to pass along any petition to make the show available on CD. If you’re interested in spearheading this petition, or just want to be informed when we get more info you can reply to this post with your contact details and we’ll keep you apprised of the Johnny Chase situation.

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