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The stories listed below are, to the best of my research, all PUBLIC DOMAIN in the United States. Among them you will find many works first published in the 1950s and 1960s. You can, in most such cases, do your own research on them (using the Copyright.gov/records website). If a work first published between 1950 and 1963 was not properly renewed (in its 28th year) it is PUBLIC DOMAIN. To quote the US Copyright office:

‘Copyrights in their first 28-year term on January 1, 1978, still had to be renewed to be protected for the second term. If a valid renewal registration was made at the proper time, the second term will last for 67 years. However, if renewal registration for these works was not made within the statutory time limits, a copyright originally secured between 1950 and 1963 expired on December 31 of its 28th year, and protection was lost permanently.’

This is how I have assembled the majority of the PDFs below. In some cases, prior to 1950, I am relying on the extensive research of others (the Robert E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft stories for example). I have not included any stories first published in periodicals or books covered by copyright compilation renewals (as was done by magazines such as Fantasy & Science Fiction). My research into the Philip K. Dick stories are extensively documented HERE (and elsewhere on SFFaudio). The one original PDF collection, of Guy de Maupassant stories listed below, was edited by Chris Coski – he has given me permission to host it (the stories in it are PUBLIC DOMAIN).

If you see it below, it’s good to go.

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Title Author PDF Link/Page Count
June 6, 2016George Allan England8  
The Way OutRichard R. Smith17  
Pangorn's ParadoxDavid Mason6  
The High OnesPoul Anderson28  
But Who Can Replace A Man?Brian W. Aldiss11  
The Transposition Of StomachsCharles E. Mixer4  
A Thousand DeathsJack London9  
The Watcher By The ThresholdJohn Buchan30 Blackwood's  
13 Atlantic  
The Purple DeathW.L. Alden8  
The Chapter EndsPoul Anderson18  
Flight To ForeverPoul Anderson38  
Quixote And The WindmillPoul Anderson9  
Sargasso Of Lost StarshipsPoul Anderson30  
The Temple Of EarthPoul Anderson28  
Terminal QuestPoul Anderson14  
Three WishesPoul Anderson7  
Fishers Of MenHal Annas11  
Man-TrapHal Annas8  
No Sons Left To Die!Hal Annas34  
The Farmers Curst Wife Anonymous1  
The Story Of Sigurd The Völsunga SagaAnonymous, translated by Eirkr Magnusson and William Morris47  
Vasilisa The Beauty aka 'Vasilisa The Beautiful'Anonymous, translated by Nathan Haskell Dole18  
Possible To RuePiers Anthony5  
Once A First Wife…Norman Arkawy9  
First BornMary Armock8  
AuditionRobert Arnett12  
The Mirror Of CagliostroRobert Arthur31  
Darwinian Pool RoomIsaac Asimov10  
Day Of The HuntersIsaac Asimov7  
EverestIsaac Asimov5  
The Fun They HadIsaac Asimov3  
The JokesterIsaac Asimov15  
Let's Get TogetherIsaac Asimov18  
Living SpaceIsaac Asimov15  
Misbegotten Missionary aka 'Green Patches'Isaac Asimov15  
Silly AssesIsaac Asimov2  
SomedayIsaac Asimov12  
YouthIsaac Asimov32  
The Man With The Brown BeardNathaniel T. Babcock17  
QuestManly Bannister17  
The Werewolf HowlsClifford Ball7  
The Absent Minded CoterieRobert Barr18  
A Game Of ChessRobert Barr9  
The Hour And The ManRobert Barr8  
The Hermit Of MarsStephen Bartholomew12  
The Standardized ManStephen Bartholomew9  
La Chasse-Galerie aka 'The Bewitched Canoe' & 'The Flying Canoe'Honoré Beaugrand7  
The Beautiful PeopleCharles Beaumont16  
ElegyCharles Beaumont15  
The Mating SeasonWilton G. Beggs15  
The Blindman's WorldEdward Bellamy12  
The Hemp (A Virginia Legend)Stephen Vincent Benét8  
Portrait Of A BoyStephen Vincent Benét1  
Herbert George Wells And His WorkE.A. Bennett8  
CaterpillarsE.F. Benson7  
The China BowlE.F. Benson8  
The PassengerE.F. Benson7  
Roderick's StoryE.F. Benson9  
The WatcherR.H. Benson2  
Familiar FaceDon Berry5  
The Devil's Invention aka 'Oddy And Id'Alfred Bester14  
Disappearing ActAlfred Bester21  
The Roller CoasterAlfred Bester11  
Beyond The WallAmbrose Bierce8  
The Boarded WindowAmbrose Bierce6  
The Death Of Halpin FrayserAmbrose Bierce25  
An Inhabitant Of CarcosaAmbrose Bierce4  
An Insurrection Of The PeasantryAmbrose Bierce5 essay defending George Sterling's - A Wine Of Wizardry  
Haïta The ShepherdAmbrose Bierce9  
John Bartine's WatchAmbrose Bierce8  
John Mortonson's FuneralAmbrose Bierce2  
The Middle Toe Of The Right FootAmbrose Bierce8  
Moxon's MasterAmbrose Bierce12  
The Thing At NolanAmbrose Bierce7  
On Mars We TrodEando Binder12  
Angels In The JetsJerome Bixby14  
It's A Good LifeJerome Bixby18  
The AtticAlgernon Blackwood9  
The Man Who Found OutAlgernon Blackwood20  
The Occupant Of The RoomAlgernon Blackwood11  
The Other WingAlgernon Blackwood20  
S.O.S.Algernon Blackwood6  
A Victim Of A Higher SpaceAlgernon Blackwood17  
The WendigoAlgernon Blackwood27  
The WillowsAlgernon Blackwood25  
The Woman's Ghost StoryAlgernon Blackwood5  
Warrior Queen Of MarsAlexander Blade40  
Battle Of The UnbornJames Blish7  
This Crowded EarthRobert Bloch87  
Tooth Or ConsequencesRobert Bloch12  
The Last PleaRobert Bloch39  
The Big FreezeLyle G. Boydand William C. Boyd27  
Black Amazon Of MarsLeigh Brackett39  
Death-WishRay Bradbury8  
I, MarsRay Bradbury8  
Outcast Of The StarsRay Bradbury8  
The Crime TherapistMarion Zimmer Bradley9  
A Dozen Of EverythingMarion Zimmer Bradley5  
The Planet SaversMarion Zimmer Bradley63  
Seven From The StarsMarion Zimmer Bradley100  
That Receding BrowMax Brand23  
H.P. Lovecraft, An EvaluationJoseph Payne Brennan11  
Exiles Of The Dawn WorldNelson S. Bond31 from Action Stories, December 1940  
AssassinJ.F. Bone23  
Mr. LupescuAnthony Boucher4  
Señor Lupescupor Anthony Boucher4 Spanish translation  
Cathy And HeathcliffeEmily Brontë9  
Bride Of The Dark OneFlorence V. Brown11  
ExperimentFredric Brown2  
The HouseH.P. Lovecraft1  
The Last TrainFredric Brown4  
Rope TrickFredric Brown2  
SentryFredric Brown2  
VoodooFredric Brown2  
Rendezvous With DestinyJohn Brunner33  
Visitors' BookJohn Brunner17  
The Grove Of AshtarothJohn Buchan19  
Blood On My JetsAlgis Budrys45  
Desire No MoreAlgis Budrys11  
InfiltrationAlgis Budrys11  
FiregodAlgis Budrys6  
Riya's FoundlingAlgis Budrys10  
The Stoker And The StarsAlgis Budrys11  
The House And The BrainEdward Bulwer-Lytton23  
The Wild Huntsman Or The Demon's Skeleton ChaseGottfried August Bürger5  
Dark WatersM. Ludington Cain2  
The White Sands Of Bridesrun BeachM. Ludington Cain3  
The Lame PriestS. Carleton10  
Number NineCleve Cartmill10  
The Marble HandsBernard Capes3  
The Thing In The ForestBernard Capes3  
TransfusionCurtis W. Casewit7  
Teething RingJames Causey9  
The Demoiselle d'YsRobert W. Chambers9  
The Harbour MasterRobert W. Chambers16  
The MaskRobert W. Chambers11  
The MessengerH.P. Lovecraft1  
The Repairer Of ReputationsRobert W. Chambers48  
The Yellow SignRobert W. Chambers11  
Sense Of WonderA. Bertram Chandler7  
The Wrong TrackA. Bertram Chandler30  
The Angry Street – A Bad DreamG.K. Chesterton5  
Doom Over KareetaJohn Christopher11  
A World Of SlavesJohn Christopher22  
At The End Of The Orbit aka 'Hate'Arthur C. Clarke18  
Before EdenArthur C. Clarke13  
The Deep RangeArthur C. Clarke10  
Encounter In The DawnArthur C. Clarke15  
Exile Of The EonsArthur C. Clarke12  
The Nine Billion Names Of GodArthur C. Clarke8  
Guardian AngelArthur C. Clarke29  
If I Forget Thee, Oh Earth…Authur C. Clarke5  
Moon Dog aka 'Dog Star'Arthur C. Clarke8  
The Other Side Of The Sky Part 4 – 'Freedom Of Space'Arthur C. Clarke7  
Round The Fire PART 12 – The Story Of The Brown HandSir Arthur Conan Doyle11  
The Next TenantsArthur C. Clarke10 Tales From The White Hart  
Out From The SunArthur C. Clarke9  
The PacifistArthur C. Clarke11 Tales From The White Hart  
The ParasiteSir Arthur Conan Doyle41  
The PossessedArthur C. Clarke5  
The Reluctant OrchidArthur C. Clarke10 Tales From The White Hart  
Second DawnArthur C. Clarke24  
The StarH.G. Wells6  
The Stroke Of The SunArthur C. Clarke8  
A Walk In The DarkArthur C. Clarke8  
Planet For PlunderHal Clement and Sam Merwin, Jr.97  
The New MotherLucy Clifford42  
Security RiskEd M. Clinton, Jr.11  
FishheadIrvin S. Cobb7  
After The AtomStanton A. Coblentz4  
BarrierTheodore R. Cogswell5  
Algernon Blackwood – An AppreciationGrace Isabel Colbron4  
Kubla Khan: A Vision In A DreamSamuel Taylor Coleridge3  
The Dream WomanWilkie Collins22  
The Haunted HotelWilkie Collins244  
The LagoonJoseph Conrad14  
Adam And Eve And Pinch MeA.E. Coppard11  
Open With CareBoyd Correll10  
And What RemainsIrving E. Cox17  
The HeirsIrving E. Cox16  
Of Such As TheseIrving E. Cox36  
Peace On EarthIrving E. Cox18  
To The Sons Of TomorrowIrving E. Cox28  
The Dead ValleyRalph Adams Cram18  
The Upturned FaceStephen Crane4  
The Dead SmileF. Marion Crawford21  
The King's MessengerF. Marion Crawford6  
The Christmas PresentRichmal Crompton5  
The Nobles Are ComingGene Cross aka 'Arthur Jean Cox'5  
RebuttalBetsy Curtis11  
A Strange Manuscript Found In A Copper CylinderJames De Mille317  
Freak ShowMiriam Allen deFord11  
AlienLester del Rey18  
The Last LunacyLester del Rey9  
PursuitRon Smith3  
Shadows Of EmpireLester del Rey11  
Delay – TemporaryCharles De Vet18  
The Devil's DerelictLester Dent14 from Action Stories, December 1930  
The House In The ValleyAugust Derleth19  
A Subway Named MobiusA.J. Deutsch15  
The CollectorsG. Gordon Dewey and Peter Grainger13  
Adjustment TeamPhilip K. Dick21  
Beyond The DoorPhilip K. Dick6  
Beyond Lies The WubPhilip K. Dick6  
Breakfast At TwilightPhilip K. Dick17  
The CrawlersPhilip K. Dick10  
The Crystal CryptPhilip K. Dick13  
The DefendersPhilip K. Dick26  
Exhibit PiecePhilip K. Dick14  
The Eyes Have ItPhilip K. Dick3  
Foster, You're DeadPhilip K. Dick22  
The Golden ManPhilip K. Dick26  
The GunPhilip K. Dick9  
The Hanging StrangerPhilip K. Dick17  
Human IsPhilip K. Dick9  
James P. CrowPhilip K. Dick12  
The Last Of The MastersPhilip K. Dick28  
MeddlerPhilip K. Dick13  
Piper In The WoodsPhilip K. Dick20  
ProgenyPhilip K. Dick15  
Prominent AuthorPhilip K. Dick16  
Sales PitchPhilip K. Dick16  
Second VarietyPhilip K. Dick44  
Shell GamePhilip K. Dick16  
The SkullPhilip K. Dick18  
Small TownPhilip K. Dick16  
SouvenirPhilip K. Dick12  
Strange EdenPhilip K. Dick16  
Survey TeamPhilip K. Dick12  
Mr. SpaceshipPhilip K. Dick26  
Of Withered ApplesPhilip K. Dick8  
Tony And The BeetlesPhilip K. Dick12  
The Turning WheelPhilip K. Dick22  
The Unreconstructed MPhilip K. Dick40  
Upon The Dull EarthPhilip K. Dick26  
The Variable ManPhilip K. Dick69  
A World Of TalentPhilip K. Dick22  
No. 1 Branch Line: The Signalman aka 'The Signalman'Charles Dickens12  
The Lawyer And The GhostCharles Dickens4  
RescueGordon R. Dickson11  
So Wise, So YoungGraham Doar13  
The Adventure Of The Devil's FootSir Arthur Conan Doyle16  
The Croxley MasterSir Arthur Conan Doyle29  
The Horror Of The HeightsSir Arthur Conan Doyle10  
The Leather FunnelSir Arthur Conan Doyle9  
Life On A Greenland WhalerSir Arthur Conan Doyle10  
The Lord Of Château NoirSir Arthur Conan Doyle9  
Lot No. 249Sir Arthur Conan Doyle20  
The Medal Of Brigadier GerardSir Arthur Conan Doyle15  
Selecting A Ghost – The Ghosts Of Goresthorpe GrangeSir Arthur Conan Doyle12  
The Terror Of The Blue John GapArthur Conan Doyle26  
The Tragedy Of The KoroskoSir Arthur Conan Doyle78  
Don Rodriguez: Chronicles Of Shadow ValleyLord Dunsany278  
Fame And The PoetLord Dunsany25 ONE ACT PLAY  
The GhostsLord Dunsany13  
The HighwaymanLord Dunsany4  
The Hoard Of The GibbelinsLord Dunsany4  
The Madness Of AndelsprutzLord Dunsany3  
The Old Brown CoatLord Dunsany5  
The Raft-BuildersLord Dunsany2  
The Wonderful WindowLord Dunsany11  
The Sea-WitchNictzin Dyalhis24  
The Man Who Staked The StarsCharles Dye38  
Star LordBoyd Ellanby57  
SandraGeorge P. Elliott10  
Court Of JudgementDavid Ely12  
The Thing From OutsideGeorge Allan England9  
Dread SummonsPaul Ernst7  
BeatriceDean Evans18  
The World Is So PeopleDean Evans17  
Personalities In Science Fiction: Jules VernePaul W. Fairman4  
How To Be A DetectiveArthur H. Farrar65  
Some Fabulous YonderPhilip José Farmer43  
A Woman A Day aka 'The Day Of The Timestop', aka 'Timestop!'Philip José Farmer161  
The WoundedPhilip José Farmer6  
The Lost Tribes Of VenusErik Fennel37  
Life ForceBenjamin Ferris10  
The Third LevelJack Finney1  
The Martian ShoreCharles L. Fontenay18  
The Celestial OmnibusE.M. Forster17  
The Machine StopsE.M. Forster34  
Crom The BarbarianGardner F. Fox and John Giunta11  
The Flying CuspidorsV.R. Francis11  
The Man From SaturnHarriet Frank, Jr.54  
Breathes There A ManCharles E. Fritch18  
Office CallCharles E. Fritch9  
How Will The World End?Herbert C. Fyfe9  
Big PillRaymond Z. Gallun13  
The Evil Out Of OnzarMark Ganes27  
Professor Jonkin's Cannibal PlantHoward R. Garis9  
The Day The Gods FellRandall Garrett10  
John W. Campbell's Who Goes There?Randall Garrett4  
Pagan PassionsRandall Garrett and Larry M. Harris160  
Puzzle In YellowRandall Garrett4  
The Yellow WallpaperCharlotte Perkins Gilman10  
The PastEllen Glasgow13  
The Shadowy ThirdEllen Glasgow14  
Land Beyond The FlameEvelyn Goldstein13  
Suburban FrontiersPeter Grainger22  
His Natal StarAustyn Granville7  
Dead Man's BottlesRobert Graves13  
CinderellaBros. Grimm106  
Fitcher's BirdBros. Grimm5  
The Old Woman In The Wood aka 'The Old Woman In The Forest'Bros. Grimm4  
Hoydons Aweigh!J.W. Groves13  
All The Time In The WorldJ. Harvey Haggard14  
The Last SupperT.D. Hamm3  
The WeaponT.D. Hamm3  
The FollowerAllison V. Harding14  
True To TypeArthur T. Harris5  
Open All DoorsHarry Harrison and Hubert Pritchard20  
The Robot Who Wanted To KnowHarry Harrison8  
The Robots StrikeHarry Harrison10  
Selina SediliaBret Harte9  
One Purple Hope!Henry Hasse11  
The Birth-MarkNathaniel Hawthorne8  
The Hollow Of The Three HillsNathaniel Hawthorne6  
Earth's HolocaustNathaniel Hawthorne8  
The White Old MaidNathaniel Hawthorne12  
Not In The BooksGene L. Henderson11  
A Matter Of TracesFrank Herbert13  
The NothingFrank Herbert10  
The Boats Of The Glen CarrigWilliam Hope Hodgson69  
Eloi Eloi Lama SabachthaniWilliam Hope Hodgson10  
The DerelictWilliam Hope Hodgson14  
GriefWilliam Hope Hodgson2  
The Haunted JarveeWilliam Hope Hodgson15  
The House On The BorderlandWilliam Hope Hodgson164  
The Mystery Of The Sargasso aka 'The Mystery Of The Derelict'William Hope Hodgson13  
A Tropical HorrorWilliam Hope Hodgson6  
Out Of The StormWilliam Hope Hodgson4  
The Stone ShipWilliam Hope Hodgson23  
The Terror Of The Water-TankWilliam Hope Hodgson17  
The Voice In The NightWilliam Hope Hodgson11  
The Waterloo Of A Hard-Case SkipperWilliam Hope Hodgson8  
The Faceless ThingEdward D. Hoch6  
The Last UnicornsEdward D. Hoch4  
Who Rides With Santa Anna?Edward D. Hoch4 Real Western Stories, Feb. 1959  
The Bobbsey Twins At The SeashoreLaura Lee Hope aka 'Lilian C. Garis'286  
Feet Of ClayPhilip Hoskins13  
A Day With Dr. Conan DoyleHarry How7  
Easter IslandRobert E. Howard1  
The Fearsome Touch Of DeathRobert E. Howard6  
The Garden Of FearRobert E. Howard16  
Gods Of The NorthRobert E. Howard10  
The Grisly Horror aka 'Moon Of Zambebwei'Robert E. Howard26  
The Mirrors Of Tuzun ThuneRobert E. Howard8  
Mountain ManRobert E. Howard8  
The People Of The Black CircleRobert E. Howard72  
Queen Of The Black CoastRobert E. Howard25  
Samson Had A Soft Spot aka 'Breed Of Battle' aka "The Fighten'est Pair"Robert E. Howard11  
Solomon Kane's HomecomingRobert E. Howard3  
Spear And FangRobert E. Howard4  
Temptress Of The Tower Of Torture And Sin aka 'The Voice Of El-Lil'Robert E. Howard19  
Waterfront FistsRobert E. Howard12  
A Witch Shall Be BornRobert E. Howard35  
The Witch From Hell's KitchenRobert E. Howard22  
To The StarsL. Ron Hubbard90  
Man In The DarkRoy Huggins34  
The Spirit BoatsMinna Irving1  
The Adventure Of My AuntWashington Irving5  
The Adventure Of My Grandfather aka 'The Bold Dragoon'Washington Irving8  
The Adventure Of The German StudentWashington Irving6  
The Legend Of Sleepy HollowWashington Irving49  
Strangers To StrabaCarl Jacobi11  
The Monkey's PawW.W. Jacobs10 abridged  
The Toll-HouseW.W. Jacobs21  
The Friends Of The FriendsHenry James25  
The Jolly CornerHenry James31  
The Ash-TreeM.R. James13  
The Haunted Dolls' HouseM.R. James11  
Lost HeartsM.R. James13  
The Malice Of Inanimate ObjectsM.R. James2  
A Home Among The StarsE.K. Jarvis17  
The Haunted Mill Or The Ruined Home JeromeK. Jerome8  
The Skeleton JeromeK. Jerome6  
. . . Divided We FallRaymond F. Jones54  
The Year When The Stardust FellRaymond F. Jones221  
The MetamorphosisFranz Kafka26  
The Last DruidJoseph E. Kelleam5  
Star-FactsHarry Kemp1  
A Jury Of Its PeersDaniel Keyes20  
A Matter Of FactRudyard Kipling14  
The Phantom 'Rickshaw And Other Eerie TalesRudyard Kipling105  
The Story Of Muhammad DinRudyard Kipling4  
Friend To ManC.M. Kornbluth7  
GomezC.M. Kornbluth24  
IterationC.M. Kornbluth5  
The Little Black BagC.M. Kornbluth29  
The Marching MoronsC.M. Kornbluth32  
The MindwormC.M. Kornbluth15  
Time BumC.M. Kornbluth10  
The Ego MachineHenry Kuttner48  
The Graveyard RatsHenry Kuttner7  
Home Is The HunterHenry Kuttner11  
Poor Little SaturdayMadeline L'Engel14  
CarmillaSheridan Le Fanu67  
The Child That Went With The FairiesSheridan Le Fanu6  
The Dead SextonSheridan Le Fanu16  
The Legend Of DunblaneSheridan Le Fanu13  
Thurnley AbbeyPerceval Landon8  
The Great Potlatch RiotsAllen Kim Lang18  
What Our Spacemen Are DoingEllery Lanier6  
The Night Of The TrollsKeith Laumer44  
Worlds Of The ImperiumKeith Laumer162  
The Beasts That Tread The WorldHarold Lawlor9  
Lord Dunsany: A Modern DreamerC.E. Lawrence3  
Bazaar Of The BizarreFritz Leiber28  
The Casket-DemonFritz Leiber14  
The Cloud Of HateFritz Leiber14  
Cry Witch!Fritz Leiber10  
The Enchanted ForestFritz Leiber18  
Femmequin 973Fritz Leiber14  
Friends And EnemiesFritz Leiber19  
The Goggles Of Dr. DragonetFritz Leiber20  
A Hitch In SpaceFritz Leiber10  
No Great MagicFritz Leiber23  
Let Freedom RingFritz Leiber47  
I'm Looking For “Jeff”Fritz Leiber11  
Lean Times In LankhmarFritz Leiber40  
The Lion And The LambFritz Leiber42  
The Lords Of QuarmallFritz Leiber and Harry Fischer91  
MarianaFritz Leiber6  
A Pail Of AirFritz Leiber15  
Psychosis From SpaceFritz Leiber10  
Scylla's DaughterFritz Leiber60  
Time FighterFritz Leiber6  
The Unholy GrailFritz Leiber28  
When The Sea-King's AwayFritz Leiber27  
X Marks The PedwalkFritz Leiber5  
The Balance Of Trade In ImpressionsStephen Leacock5  
The New FoodStephen Leacock2  
The InvadersMurray Leinster56  
Long Ago, Far AwayMurray Leinster80  
Third PlanetMurray Leinster24  
Tyrants Need To Be LovedMurray Leinster21  
Women's WorkMurray Leinster24  
Dead On DepartureMilton Lesser21  
Give AwayMilton Lesser14  
PicnicMilton Lesser13  
The Poison PenMilton Lesser14  
Secret Of The Black Planet also includes 'Son Of The Black Chalice'Milton Lesser161  
The Space BreedMilton Lesser13  
Mistrust or Blanche And OsbrightMatthew Gregory Lewis95  
All Gold Cañon aka 'All Gold Canyon'Jack London11  
Brown WolfJack London10  
The Cruise Of The DazzlerJack London29  
Diable — A Dog aka 'Bâtard'Jack London9  
The First PoetJack London5 a one act play  
The God Of His FathersJack London10  
GoliahJack London13  
The HeathenJack London12  
In A Far CountryJack London10  
In The Cave Of The DeadJack London12  
In The Forests Of The NorthJack London11  
The Man With The GashJack London9  
The Men Of Forty-MileJack London5  
The Minions Of MidasJack London9  
Moon-FaceJack London1  
The Night-BornJack London10  
The PrincessJack London14  
The Red OneJack London10  
The Scarlet PlagueJack London27  
5 1st of a serial  
The Sea WolfJack London148  
The Shadow And The FlashJack London10  
Smoke BellewJack London15  
La Sombra Y El Destellopor Jack London10 Spanish translation  
The Son Of The WolfJack London9  
That SpotJack London24  
The Star Rover aka 'The Jacket'Jack London102  
7 brochure  
The Tears Of Ah KimJack London9  
To Build A FireJack London10  
To Repel BoardersJack London5  
TrustJack London8  
The Turtles Of TasmanJack London8  
The UnexpectedJack London15  
The Unparalleled InvasionJack London8  
The Water-BabyJack London8  
White FangJack London99  
The Wisdom Of The TrailJack London4  
The Hounds Of TindalosFrank Belknap Long11  
Night-FearFrank Belknap Long5  
PreviewFrank Belknap Long4  
Space Station 1Frank Belknap Long158  
Two Way DestinyFrank Belknap Long23  
The Wealth Of EchindulNoel Loomis11  
Naked LadyMindret Lord8  
Alethia PhrikodesH.P. Lovecraft4  
At The Mountains Of MadnessH.P. Lovecraft78  
Beyond The Wall Of SleepH.P. Lovecraft7  
DagonH.P. Lovecraft4  
The Cats Of UltharH.P. Lovecraft3  
The Challenge From BeyondH.P. Lovecraft9  
The Colour Out Of SpaceH.P. Lovecraft18  
Cool AirH.P. Lovecraft8  
The Curse Of YigH.P. Lovecraft and Zealia Bishop13  
The Diary Of Alonzo TyperWilliam Lumley and H.P. Lovecraft16  
The Doom That Came To SarnathH.P. Lovecraft8  
Ex OblivioneH.P. Lovecraft3  
Facts Concerning The Late Arthur Jermyn And His Family aka 'The White Ape'H.P. Lovecraft4  
The FestivalH.P. Lovecraft6  
From BeyondH.P. Lovecraft6  
Fungi From Yuggoth PART V: HomecomingH.P. Lovecraft1  
Fungi From Yuggoth Part VI: The LampH.P. Lovecraft1  
Fungi From Yuggoth Part VII: Zaman's HillH.P. Lovecraft1  
Fungi From Yuggoth Part XIII: The PortH.P. Lovecraft1  
Fungi From Yuggoth Part IX: The CourtyardH.P. Lovecraft1  
Fungi From Yuggoth Part XI: The WellH.P. Lovecraft1  
Fungi From Yuggoth Part XII: The HowlerH.P. Lovecraft1  
Fungi From Yuggoth Part XIII: HesperiaH.P. Lovecraft1  
Fungi From Yuggoth Part XIV: Star-WindsH.P. Lovecraft1  
Fungi From Yuggoth Part XV: AntarktosH.P. Lovecraft1  
Fungi From Yuggoth Part XVI: The WindowH.P. Lovecraft1  
Fungi From Yuggoth Part XVII: A MemoryH.P. Lovecraft1  
Fungi From Yuggoth Part XVIII: The Gardens Of YinH.P. Lovecraft1  
Fungi From Yuggoth Part XIX: The BellsH.P. Lovecraft1  
Fungi From Yuggoth Part XX: Night GauntsH.P. Lovecraft1  
Fungi From Yuggoth Part XXI: NyarlathotepH.P. Lovecraft1  
Fungi From Yuggoth Part XXII: AzathothH.P. Lovecraft1  
Fungi From Yuggoth Part XXIII: MirageH.P. Lovecraft1  
Fungi From Yuggoth Part XXIV: The CanalH.P. Lovecraft1  
Fungi From Yuggoth Part XXV: St. Toad'sH.P. Lovecraft1  
Fungi From Yuggoth Part XXVII: The Elder PharosH.P. Lovecraft1  
Fungi From Yuggoth Part XXXI: The DwellerH.P. Lovecraft1  
Fungi From Yuggoth Part XXXII: AlienationH.P. Lovecraft1  
Fungi From Yuggoth Part XXXIII: Harbor WhistlesH.P. Lovecraft1  
Fungi From Yuggoth Part XXXV: Evening StarH.P. Lovecraft1  
Fungi From Yuggoth Part XXXVI: ContinuityH.P. Lovecraft1  
Hallowe'en In A SuburbH.P. Lovecraft4  
HeH.P. Lovecraft10  
Herbert West: Reanimator – From The DarkH.P. Lovecraft5  
Herbert West: Reanimator – The Horror From The ShadowsH.P. Lovecraft5  
The Horror At Red HookH.P. Lovecraft14  
The HoundH.P. Lovecraft8  
In The VaultH.P. Lovecraft7  
In The Walls Of EryxKenneth Sterling and H.P. Lovecraft25  
The Lurking FearH.P. Lovecraft9 part 1 only  
The Moon BogH.P. Lovecraft6  
The MoundH.P. Lovecraft and Zealia Bishop24  
The Music Of Erich ZannH.P. Lovecraft5  
The Nameless CityH.P. Lovecraft10  
NemesisH.P. Lovecraft1  
On Receiving A Picture Of SwansH.P. Lovecraft2  
The Other GodsH.P. Lovecraft5  
The OutsiderH.P. Lovecraft8  
Pickman's ModelH.P. Lovecraft7  
The Picture In The HouseH.P. Lovecraft3  
PolarisH.P. Lovecraft3  
Portrait Of DeathH.P. Lovecraft and Rudy Palais (an uncredited adaptation of “Pickman's Model”7 from Horrific #8, November 1953  
Psychopompos: A Tale In RimeH.P. Lovecraft10  
The Rats In The WallsH.P. Lovecraft7  
The Shadow Out Of TimeH.P. Lovecraft47  
The Shadow Over InnsmouthH.P. Lovecraft28 abridged  
The Shunned HouseH.P. Lovecraft19  
The Statement Of Randolph CarterH.P. Lovecraft6  
The Strange High House In The MistH.P. Lovecraft7  
The TempleH.P. Lovecraft11  
To A DreamerH.P. Lovecraft1  
To Mr. Lockhart, On His PoetryH.P. Lovecraft1  
To Virgil FinlayH.P. Lovecrat1  
The UnnamableH.P. Lovecraft5  
The Wicked Clergyman aka 'The Evil Clergyman'H.P. Lovecraft3  
To Save EarthEdward W. Ludwig27  
A Night With HecateEdward W. Ludwig18  
Scratch One MarkDan J. Marlowe15  
CricketsRichard Matheson7  
Dance Of The DeadRichard Matheson16  
Third From The SunRichard Matheson7  
The MakersWinona McClintic9  
The Thing On The FloorThorp McClusky20  
Life SentenceJames McConnell14  
The Solomon PlanJ.T. McIntosh23  
And All The Earth A GraveC.C. MacApp4  
The Lost ClubArthur Machen6  
Strange Occurrence In ClerkenwellArthur Machen13  
The Source Of ItGlen Malin8  
Miss BrillKathernine Mansfield8  
The Short Stories Of Robert W. ChambersFrank G. Marsh4  
The White Wolf Of The Hartz MountainsCaptain Frederick Marryat28  
Maupassant And PoeFrederic Rowland Marvin9  
Lost—One MylodonElmer Brown Mason14  
Am I Insane?Guy de Maupassant3  
An Apparition aka 'A Ghost'Guy de Maupassant7  
Christmas EveGuy de Maupassant4  
The Diary Of A MadmanGuy de Maupassant15  
The Doctor's StoryGuy de Maupassant4  
The Duel aka 'A Coward'Guy de Maupassant7  
From The TombGuy de Maupassant9  
The HorlaGuy de Maupassant9  
The Inn aka 'Ulrich The Guide'Guy de Maupassant9  
In The MoonlightGuy de Maupassant4  
The Morbid, Mysterious And Macabre In The Tales Of Guy de Maupassantedited by Chris Coski241  
The NecklaceGuy de Maupassant7 play script  
Le LoupGuy de Maupassant9  
11 French  
The Piece Of Yarn aka 'The Piece Of String'Guy de Maupassant6  
41 a one act play  
The Phantom Hagascribed to Guy de Maupassant5  
The PrisonersGuy de Maupassant7  
Two Fishers aka 'A Fishing Excursion'Guy de Maupassant5  
Was It A Dream?Guy de Maupassant7  
Who Knows?Guy de Maupassant19  
The LonelyJudith Merril12  
Three Lines Of Old FrenchA. Merritt13  
The Intimate InvasionSam Merwin, Jr.17  
The Feasting DeadJohn Metcalfe55  
The Man On The BottlesGustav Meyrink4  
The Last AmericanJohn Ames Mitchell68  
Love Is A BarometerDel Molarsky17  
Back There In The GrassGouverneur Morris17  
Two Red Roses Across The MoonWilliam Morris1  
Dead Man's PlanetWilliam Morrison14  
The Monster Maker aka 'The Surgeon's Experiment'W.C. Morrow13  
Duel For Kilimanjaro: Africa 1914-18 – The Dramatic Story Of An Unconventional WarLeonard Mosley244  
Lazarus BellStanley Mullen23  
Master Of The MoondogStanley Mullen21  
Shock TreatmentStanley Mullen23  
The Coast Of HateFrederick L. Nebel17 from Action Stories, January 1930  
If This Be Utopia…Kris Neville12  
Contamination CrewAlan E. Nourse15  
Marley's ChainAlan E. Nourse14  
Sixty Year ExtensionAlan E. Nourse17  
Symptomaticus MedicusAlan E. Nourse13  
The Diamond LensFitz-James O'Brien16  
How I Overcame My GravityFitz-James O'Brien7  
The Lost RoomFitz-James O'Brien15  
What Was It?Fitz-James O'Brien8  
The SniperLiam O'Flaherty4  
The Scarlet PimpernelBaroness Orczy52 Stories by Famous Authors Illustrated, August 1950 [comic adaptation]  
The Diary Of A GodBarry Pain19  
The Four-Fingered HandBarry Pain6  
The Glass Of Supreme MomentsBarry Pain9  
The Good NeighborsEdgar Pangborn8  
Peace AgentM.C. Pease28  
Temple Of DespairM.C. Pease24  
You'll Die Yesterday!Rog Phillips15  
Time And Time AgainH. Beam Piper17  
NightsongW.T. Powers14  
The Supernatural In Poe And De MaupassantRuth Shepard Phelps5 from The Smith College Monthly, December 1898  
AloneEdgar Allan Poe1  
Annabel LeeEdgar Allan Poe2  
The Balloon HoaxEdgar Allan Poe6  
BereniceEdgar Allan Poe12  
The Black CatEdgar Allan Poe9  
The Cask Of AmontilladoEdgar Allan Poe7  
El Caso Del Señor Valdemarpor Edgar Allan Poe7 Spanish translation  
Deep In EarthEdgar Allan Poe1  
The Domain Of ArnheimEdgar Allan Poe7  
A Dream Within A DreamEdgar Allan Poe2  
DreamLandEdgar Allan Poe5  
EleonoraEdgar Allan Poe5  
The Facts In The Case Of M. ValdemarEdgar Allan Poe5  
The Fall Of The House Of UsherEdgar Allan Poe20  
The Haunted PalaceEdgar Allan Poe4  
The LakeEdgar Allan Poe1  
LenoreEdgar Allan Poe14  
The LighthouseEdgar Allan Poe2  
The Masque Of The Red DeathEdgar Allan Poe3  
Mesmeric RevelationEdgar Allan Poe4  
MorellaEdgar Allan Poe3  
Ms. Found In A BottleEdgar Allan Poe12  
Never Bet The Devil Your HeadEdgar Allan Poe10  
The Oval PortraitEdgar Allan Poe7  
The Pit And The PendulumEdgar Allan Poe21  
Some Words With A MummyEdgar Allan Poe8  
The SphinxEdgar Allan Poe3  
A Tale Of The Ragged MountainsEdgar Allan Poe5  
Tales Of Mystery And ImaginationEdgar Allan Poe442  
The Tell-Tale HeartEdgar Allan Poe6  
The Thousand-And-Second Tale Of ScheherazadeEdgar Allan Poe8  
UlalumeEdgar Allan Poe2  
Danger MoonFrederik Pohl35  
The Tunnel Under The WorldFrederik Pohl33  
3rd SisterArthur Porges6  
The Cracks Of TimeDorothy Quick8  
House Of LifeDorothy Quick2  
A Pair Of HandsArthur Quiller-Couch13  
The Seismograph AdventureArthur B. Reeve10  
The Old English BaronClara Reeve134  
Holes, IncorporatedL. Major Reynolds7  
The Devil Finds WorkMack Reynolds5  
Husbands, Care And Feeding OfMack Reynold7  
Tourists To TerraMack Reynolds9  
United We StandMack Reynolds8  
Your Soul Comes C.O.D.Mack Reynolds5  
My Past Is MineGerda Rhoads8  
Wild Wullie, The WasterTod Robbins15  
The AnticipatorMorley Roberts4  
From The Darkness And The DepthsMorgan Robertson19  
The Curse Of A Thousand KissesSax Rohmer16  
A Fate Worse Than…Robert Rohrer6  
Goblin MarketChristina Rossetti21  
Displaced PersonEric Frank Russell3  
The Rhythm Of The RatsEric Frank Russell10  
SqueeMargaret St. Clair16  
Hail To The ChiefSam Sackett48  
The Cobweb Saki6  
The Hedgehog Saki5  
The Interlopers Saki10  
Srendi Vashtar Saki5  
The Story-Teller Saki10  
Zero DataCharles Saphro15  
I Want You, I Want YouSolomon Scheele11  
An Incident On Route 12James H. Schmitz5  
Insane PlanetThomas N. Scortia18  
The Tapestried Chamber; or, The Lady In The SacqueSir Walter Scott14  
WowWilliam Seabrook6  
The BarbariansJohn Sentry22  
Daddy Fix?Al Sevcik5  
The BookMichael Shaara24  
The Lovely HouseMichael Shaara5  
The Green BottleElizabeth Shafer6  
DeathWilliam Shakespeare1  
Wonder ChildJoseph Shallit26  
The People Of The RuinsEdward Shanks110  
Accept No SubstitutesRobert Sheckley13  
The AltarRobert Sheckley8  
Ask A Foolish QuestionRobert Sheckley9  
Beside Still WatersRobert Sheckley6  
Cost Of LivingRobert Sheckley10  
The DemonsRobert Sheckley11  
Feeding TimeRobert Sheckley5  
Final ExaminationRobert Sheckley19  
ForeverRobert Sheckley11  
Keep Your ShapeRobert Sheckley18  
Killer's MasqueradeRobert Sheckley2  
The Last WeaponRobert Sheckley11  
The LeechJack Sharkey15  
Meeting Of The MindsRobert Sheckley18  
The Perfect WomanRobert Sheckley5  
Proof Of The PuddingRobert Sheckley8  
Restricted AreaRobert Sheckley17  
Seventh VictimRobert Sheckley14  
Time Check For ControlRobert Sheckley8  
WatchbirdRobert Sheckley22  
Warrior RaceRobert Sheckley12  
What A Man BelievesRobert Sheckley8  
Wild Talents, Inc.Robert Sheckley18  
Writing ClassRobert Sheckley4  
UltimatumRobert Sheckley18  
Untouched By Human Hands aka “One Man's Poison”Robert Sheckley15  
Monsieur De GuisePerley Poore Sheehan3  
The Country Beyond The CurveWalt Sheldon36  
The Heir Of MondolfoMary Shelley31  
The Clean And Wholesome LandRalph Sholto7  
Bathe Your Bearings In Blood!Clifford D. Simak17  
Cosmic EngineersClifford D. Simak163  
EmpireClifford D. Simak146  
Full CycleClifford D. Simak46  
Galactic ChestClifford D. Simak29  
Ring Around The SunClifford D. Simak181  
Seven Came BackClifford D. Simak19  
Time Quarry aka 'Time And Again' aka 'First He Died'Clifford D. Simak171  
The Trouble With Ants aka 'The Simple Way'Clifford D. Simak16  
You'll Never Go Home Again aka 'Beachhead'Clifford D. Simak20  
The Villa DésiréeMay Sinclair13  
The AftertimeJack Sharkey26  
No Harm DoneJack Sharkey6  
The Purple CloudM.P. Shiel105  
The CandidateHenry Slesar7  
A God Named SmithHenry Slesar55  
The Goddess Of World 21Henry Slesar43  
Job OfferHenry Slesar3  
The “V” ForceFred C. Smale9  
Emperor Of The ThreeJack Smalley13 from Action Stories, November 1929  
SequelBen Smith6  
BacchanteClark Ashton Smith1  
The Dark EidolonClark Ashton Smith20  
Do You Forget, Enchantress?Clark Ashton Smith1  
The Double ShadowClark Ashton Smith10  
Luna AeternalisClark Ashton Smith1  
Mother Of ToadsClark Ashton Smith5  
The Powder Of HyperboreaClark Ashton Smith12  
ShadowsClark Ashton Smith3  
To Howard Philips LovecraftClark Ashton Smith1  
The Game Of Rat And DragonCordwainer Smith19  
Scanners Live In VainCordwainer Smith48  
The Good HusbandEvelyn E. Smith4  
Weather PredictionEvelyn E. Smith5  
The Vibar PartyEvelyn E. Smith11  
The SavagesGeorge H. Smith7  
Home Is The SpacemanGeorge O. Smith11  
The World-MoverGeorge O. Smith40  
Brknk's BountyJerry Sohl10  
Ultroom ErrorJerry Sohl13  
The Veiled WomanMickey Spillane (and Howard Browne)48  
Murder SandsJohn Starr5 from Action Stories, December 1940  
Three Tales For The Horrid At HeartBrad Steiger7  
A Wine Of WizardryGeorge Sterling13  
The Citadel Of FearFrancis Stevens120  
The Elf-TrapFrancis Stevens14  
Unseen—UnfearedFrancis Stevens16  
MarkheimRobert Louis Stevenson27  
RomanceRobert Louis Stevenson1  
Fairyland PlanetJohn Stilleto32  
Perfect ControlRichard Stockham21  
The Lady, Or The Tiger?Frank R. Stockton10  
The Crystal CupBram Stoker8  
Dracula's GuestBram Stoker18  
The Judge's HouseBram Stoker18  
The Green SplotchesT.S. Stribling90  
The Kirk SpookE.G. Swain7  
The Greatest AdventureJohn Taine258  
The Forelife MythAlbert Teichner15  
Wisher Takes AllWilliam F. Temple3  
The Men In The WallsWilliam Tenn39  
She Only Goes Out At NightWilliam Tenn7  
Forever AfterJim Thompson8  
Hermit HouseTheodore A. Tinsley11 from Action Stories, October 1927  
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A Ghost StoryMark Twain6  
Sold To SatanMark Twain13  
“Skylark” Smith: An AppreciationAnthony K. Van Riper4  
Ecological Onslaught aka 'The World Between'Jack Vance20  
The Missing RoomLyn Venable5  
Eternal AdamJules Verne40  
An Express Of The FutureJules Verne3  
Into The Niger BendJules Verne196  
The Ordeal Of Doctor TrifulgasJules Verne10  
A Trip To The Center Of The EarthJules Verne78  
The Dog And The Horse Voltaire3  
Report On The Barnhouse EffectKurt Vonnegut, Jr.6  
The Sepulchre Of Jasper SarasenH. Russell Wakefield12  
Seasoned TravelerF.L. Wallace12  
The Castle Of OrtrantoHorace Walpole90  
Moon Of MemoryBryce Walton8  
To Each His StarBryce Walton15  
Machine ComplexLeonard Wampler4  
The Titan In The CryptJ.G. Warner17  
A Martian OdysseyStanley G. Weinbaum17  
Note For A Time CapsuleEdward Wellen6  
The VoicesEdward Wellen4  
A Trap To Catch The SunH.G. Wells14  
Aepyornis IslandH.G. Wells8  
The Argonauts Of The AirH.G. Wells10  
El Astropor H.G. Wells8 Spanish translation  
The Country Of The BlindH.G. Wells10  
The Crystal EggH.G. Wells7  
The Door In The WallH.G. Wells10  
The Diamond MakerH.G. Wells6  
The Empire Of The AntsH.G. Wells7  
The First Men In The MoonH.G. Wells106  
The Flowering Of The Strange OrchidH.G. Wells5  
The Importance Of Being A WomanH.G. Wells5  
In The AbyssH.G. Wells8  
The Island Of Doctor MoreauH.G. Wells44  
The Land IroncladsH.G. Wells14  
The Last War In The WorldH.G. Wells15  
Little Mother Up The MörderbergH.G. Wells8  
The Lord Of The DynamosH.G. Wells5  
The Magic ShopH.G. Wells7  
The Man Who Could Work MiraclesH.G. Wells17  
The Missing from 'The Time Machine'H.G. Wells5  
A Moth – Genus Novo aka 'The Moth'H.G. Wells7  
Mr. Brisher's TreasureH.G. Wells7  
Mr. Ledbetter's VacationH.G. Wells11  
My First AeroplaneH.G. Wells8  
The New AcceleratorH.G. Wells6  
Pollock And The Porroh ManH.G. Wells7  
The Red RoomH.G. Wells6  
The Remarkable Case Of Davidson's EyesH.G. Wells5  
The Sea LadyH.G. Wells70  
The Stolen BacillusH.G. Wells5  
The Stolen BodyH.G. Wells10  
A Story Of The Stone Age PART I - Ugh Lomi And UyaH.G. Wells12  
A Story Of The Stone Age Part II - Ugh Lomi And The Cave BearH.G. Wells9  
A Story Of The Stone Age Part III - The First HorsemanH.G. Wells9  
A Story Of The Stone Age Part IV - The Reign Of Uya The LionH.G. Wells8  
A Story Of The Stone Age Part V - The Fight In The Lion's ThicketH.G. Wells8  
A Story Of The Days To ComeH.G. Wells34  
The Story Of The Inexperienced GhostH.G. Wells9  
The Story Of The Late Mr. EleveshamH.G. Wells7  
A Story Of The Stone AgeH.G. Wells21  
The Time MachineH.G. Wells32  
The Truth About PyecraftH.G. Wells6  
Under The KnifeH.G. Wells6  
The Valley Of SpidersH.G. Wells7  
The War Of The WorldsH.G. Wells102  
When The Sleeper WakesH.G. Wells74  
The World Set FreeH.G. Wells15  
The Golgotha DancersManly Wade Welman7  
The Coming Of The IceG. Peyton Wertenbaker7  
The Primus CurseBill Wesley11  
Eddie For ShortWallace West14  
And Then He Went AwayDonald E. Westlake7  
Fluorocarbons Are Here To Stay!Donald E. Westlake9  
Journey To DeathDonald E. Westlake10  
Meteor Strike!Donald E. Westlake35  
Or Give Me DeathDonald E. Westlake6  
The Risk ProfessionDonald E. Westlake28  
The Spy In The ElevatorDonald E. Westlake18  
Travelers Far And WeeDonald E. Westlake5  
Captain Cut-ThroatAlbert Richard Wetjen14 from Action Stories, June 1940  
The EyesEdith Wharton10  
The Non-Existent ManWynne Whiteford11  
Patient 926Robert Wicks11  
The Lion GoddessJohn Wiggin22 from Action Stories, August 1940  
The HeroElaine Wilber12  
Sinister ParadiseRobert Moore Williams34  
Thompson's CatRobert Moore Williams9  
The Masked WorldJack Williamson4  
The EnemyRichard Wilson4  
The InhabitedRichard Wilson22  
The Thing That StaredRichard Wilson4  
The Red PlanetRuss Winterbotham148  
Ways To Get A GalP.G. Wodehouse12  
The GhostMrs. Henry Wood12  
Mr. Peavey's TigerHolly Wolcott12  
An Empty BottleMari Wolf15  
LimboBernard Wolfe409  
Babylon: 70 M.Donald A. Wollheim7  
The Poetess And The 21 Grey Haired CadaversDonald A. Wollheim6  
A Haunted HouseVirginia Woolf3  
Close Behind HimJohn Wyndham13  
Confidence TrickJohn Wyndham18  
The Eternal EveJohn Wyndham22  
Reservation DeferredJohn Wyndham6  
Time Stops TodayJohn Wyndham16  
Acre In The SkyRobert F. Young7  
The Blonde From BarsoomRobert F. Young10  
Deluge IIRobert F. Young31  
The Forest Of UnreasonRobert F. Young17  
The Girl In His MindRobert F. Young24  
Let There Be NightRobert F. Young32  
Neither Stairs Nor DoorRobert F. Young10  
To See OurselvesRobert F. Young5  
Victim Of The YearRobert F. Young16