Lit2Go: The Philosophy Of Composition by Edgar Allan Poe

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Lit2GoI’ve been looking for an audio copy of this wonderful 5,000 word essay, and I’ve just found it. In this 27 minute long reading of The Philosophy Of Composition Edgar Allan Poe explains the creation of The Raven – showing the necessity of all of the components of the poem – and in the process, explaining what’s wrong with most fiction – Poe argues that most composition (poetry and prose) is typically aiming at the sufficient and not the necessary.


The full text is also HERE.

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Naxos Audiobooks: essays from A UNIVERSE OF BOOKS

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Naxos AudiobooksNaxos Audiobooks produces quite a few abridged novels. I’m not a fan of that. But I am a fan about pretty much everything else they do – including the fact that they pick excellent narrators and research their subject, books, extremely well.

Take for example these AMAZING essays that Naxos has commissioned. All come from a book called:

A Universe of Books: Readings in World Literature by Peter Whitfield

They are both highly informative and brilliantly written. Have a listen for yourself…

Bram Stoker’s Dracula |MP3|

Dante’s Divine Comedy |MP3|

Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe |MP3|

Homer’s Odyssey |MP3|

James Boswell’s The Life of Samuel Johnson |MP3|

The rest of the essays, on books (not yet) under discussion here on, can be found HERE.

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