2 MP3s: Kurt Vonnegut reads from Breakfast Of Champions and Philip K. Dick hates it!

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The 92nd Street YThe 92nd Street Y in New York City has a podcast! To honor the passing of Kurt Vonnegut they’ve released special podcast of Vonnegut’s first public reading from Breakfast Of Champions. This funny passage was recorded three years before it was published, on May 4, 1970 at the 92nd Street Y.

Download |MP3| 11 Minutes 42 Seconds

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But that’s not the end of this post, oh no, we’ve got more timely Kurt Vonnegut talk…

Rare audio in which Philip K. Dick sends Vonnegut to the proctologist over his novel Breakfast Of Champions.

“Disgusting and an abomination, I think the book is an incredible drying up of the liquid sap of life in the veins of a person … like a dead tree. That’s what I think, I really do. I also love Vonnegut.”

Download |MP3| 5 Minutes 30 Seconds

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