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Spoken AlexAlex Wilson of The Spoken Alexandria Project & Telltale Weekly informs us that in February, he’ll be podcasting Tobias S. Buckell‘s “Getting Past Being Joe Blow Neopro” columns. Which were originally published in the Hugo nominated Speculations (an online resource for writers wishing to break into or increase their presence within the science fiction, fantasy, and other speculative fiction subgenres). All six columns will be released free with a Creative Commons License and come out on a twice-weekly basis starting on the February 1st 2006. Click HERE to subscribe to the Spoken Alexandria Podcast using iTunes, or click HERE for all other RSS subscriptions.

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Review of Anne Manx on Amazonia

Anne Manx on AmazoniaAnne Manx on Amazonia
By Larry Weiner; Performed by a Full Cast
2 CD’s – 2 hours – [AUDIO DRAMA]
Publisher: Radio Repertory Company of America
Published: 2005
ISBN: 0977134202
Themes: / Science Fiction / Private Eye / Cloning /

Anne Manx on Amazonia is the fourth installment in the Radio Repertory Company of America’s ongoing Anne Manx series. All four titles are available on their website, but don’t worry if you haven’t heard them. You’ll probably want to hear the other three after hearing this one, but you won’t have to to understand what’s happening.

In a nutshell, here’s the plot:
On Amazonia, they have a very unique way of replacing their queen. They clone her. The first attempt to clone the current queen fails, so they toss the baby out and try again… only the clone survives. Fast forward several years, and the flawed clone (who obviously survives) gets Anne Manx to help her get back to Amazonia. Woven throughout this is the rich, ongoing story of the conflict between Anne Manx and Richmond, her evil nemesis.

Anne Manx is played by Claudia Christian, of Babylon 5 fame. Richmond is played by Patricia Tallman, who was also on Babylon 5. Both of these actresses succeed in bringing their characters to vibrant life. The queen and her two clones were played by Barbara Harris, who was simply wonderful. I never had a problem distinguishing which character was speaking – they were three distinct people. I don’t doubt that Barbara Harris would make a superior audiobook narrator if she ever chose to try it.

To the great performances and excellent script add the sheer quality of production. RRCA is producing quality entertainment.

Anne Manx on Amazonia is funny, action-packed, and touching. Fine writing, a wonderful cast, and first-rate production make this the best installment in the Anne Manx series. Don’t miss it!

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CBC Radio One
‘s Saturday Morning program North by Northwest had a cool treat for us this morning with their Studio One Book Club. The guest was fantasy author George R.R. Martin who talked with host Sheryl MacKay and the audience about his latest in the Song Of Ice And Fire series of novels: A Feast For Crows. Part two of this two part book club meeting will air next Saturday, February 4th 2006. You can listen to the first part via RealAudio HERE.

UPDATE: The RealAudio link is not working yet, but I’ve left a message on the NXNW answering machine to let them know, hopefully it’ll be working later today.

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MechMuse is a new "audio magazine" publishing …

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Mech Muse

MechMuse is a new “audio magazine” publishing short stories, serialized novels, columns and interviews, all in the audio format. Each monthly issue is set to include between ten and fifteen hours of “fresh” Science Fiction and Fantasy content which will be downloadable onto an iPod or any other portable audio player. Short stories will be drawn from both new and established authors, novels will all come from “best-selling” authors. MechMuse’s debut issue (March 2006) issue is set to be released at on Feb. 15th 2006. It will feature a short story After a Lean Winter and the audio novel On My Way to Paradise both by David Farland as well as feature works by Kevin J. Anderson. Other contributions include The Second Rat by David Barr Kirtley and more tales by the likes of Richard Raleigh and Edmund Schubert. Subscriptions cost $5 per month, or $25 for six months. There’s also a special coupon available that’ll give you a $1.00 discount off the first issue too!

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