Andre Norton’s Star Born gets reviewed….

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Star Born by Andre NortonIt ain’t our review (conflict of interest and all) but check out this, the first review of Star Born on by a long-time audiobook listener…

“4/5 Stars
Reviewer: Michael, from Kannapolis , NC, USA Date: April 05, 2008
This is classic Norton in top form. The narration is well done and read. Norton authored some of the best sci fi of the era. Ranking up there with Robert Heinlein, Asimov, EE Doc Smith other great masters of sci fi. Star Born was a favorite for me growing up I must have read it 1000 times and the audio listen really brought the book to life for me. You wont regret this addition to your library! The Time Series is probably nortons top work altho its hard to find any Norton work thats ever been close to bad.”

Posted by Jesse Willis

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