ANNOUNCING A New Horror Fiction PODCAST By The Escape Pod Team!

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Podcast 411Rob Walsch, host of the uber-awesome Podcast411, had podcast pioneer Mur Laffery on the show again this week. While Rob and Mur gabbed about Mur’s Geek Fu Action Grip podcast and her new show the I Should Be Writing podcast, Mur let slip the juciest nugget of pure goodness Podcast 411 has ever received – in my opinion – Mur said, she and Steve Eley are working on a brand new companion magazine to SFFaudio’s favourite ever podcast Escape Pod! The new show will follow a very similar format to the Science Fiction Podcast Magazine, but will be soliciting Horror and presumably “dark fantasy” authors for their short stories instead of SF&F. The new show will be called “Psuedo Pod” orPsuedopod.” The domain ( is still under construction at this time but we hope to have more details as launch approaches!

HERE‘s a direct link to the MP3 interview. Skip ahead to the 23:34 mark in the interview to hear the complete announcement.

UPDATE: Steve Eley informs me that PseudoPod will be edited by both Mur Lafferty and Ben Phillips (of the band Painful Reminder) and that the show will be a paying market ($20.00 for short stories) using volunteer narrators. As with Escape Pod it will be “donation-driven” and may start as a Bi-weekly podcast. The first instalment could air as early as July! More details forthcoming.

UPDATE 2: Woops in my excitement over PseudoPod I forgot to mention that Mur Lafferty also told Rob that she’s scored a special interview with Neil Gaiman! It will go live sometime soon on her I Should Be Writing podcast. Mur recorded it at the recent Balticon Science Fiction Convention where Gaiman was the Guest Of Honor. Cool!

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