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Audio-Drama.comFrom a recent email: is a wiki of audio drama websites, with category tags, and a search function, so you can focus on the type of audio drama that you’re looking for. There are also links to resources for creating audio drama, as well. Some of the articles have only basic information at the moment, but like any wiki, the content will only expand and improve with time.

Right now, has over 1200 entries, and anyone can add or edit the articles. The more people that know about it, the greater a resource it will be.

And here’s the wiki-description from its “about” page: is a wiki project to compile a list of all things related to audio drama. It began as a list of audio drama-related news items and links in 2003. It was relaunched as a wiki in September of 2008. It was open to the public on July 15, 2010.

And, as you can see, by the entry someone put up for SFFaudio, the site is in its infancy. Someone should go beef that baby-up!

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