Several Interviews at The Agony Column


Agony ColumnRick Kleffel of The Agony Column has a couple of interesting interviews:

Charles Stross and his latest book, Halting State: MP3 |Part 1| |Part 2|

Jeremy Lassen of Nightshade Books and the best books of 2007: MP3 |Part 1| |Part 2|

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Fiction Gets a New Lease with Audiobooks

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The Guardian Unlimited Books BlogBelinda Webb of Guardian Unlimited talks about her New Year’s resolution of listening to audio books in her latest column:

The audiobook is perfect for the time impaired. In 2005 and 2006 the UK audiobook market was worth a whopping £71.4m. Audiobooks can seem rather expensive considering they use no paper and don’t have to rely on expensive warehouse storage and distribution, but, for me, it will still work out cheaper than the combined cost of a gym fee and my book-buying habit – and it will do much more for my own sense of achievement.

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Guardian Book Club Podcast: Philip Pullman


The Guardian Unlimited Books PodcastOn December 21, 2007, the Guardian Unlimited‘s book club featured Philip Pullman as the author talked about His Dark Materials trilogy and discussed topics like Milton and morality. Get the |MP3| here. Subscribe to the podcast feed for it via this url:,,329524190,00.xml

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Jay Lake Podcast: Foolscap IX Panel on Workshops

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Jay Lake Reads… Lakeshore podcastOver at Lakeshore, Jay Lake along with other writers Kate Schaefer, Edd Vick, and Kara Dalkey hosts a panel for Foolscap IX in which they talk about how workshops have had an impact on them and how it may or may not help writers. Here’s the |MP3|

Subscribe to the podcast via this feed:

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