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Star Ship SofaHoly Hell… the StarShipSofa has done it again… God, this is SF podcasting at it’s very best! Well, I would say that – it’s me – Tony C. Smith!

This week StarShipSofa has delivered up a right treat for all SF junkies out there.

Audio fiction comes in the form of the winner of the 1985 Hugo Award for Best Short Story, The Crystal Spheres by David Brin and if that wasn’t enough… there is a special show on the late great L. Sprague de Camp. Find out all about this great and varied writer and… gosh… more… wow. Attached to the back of the De Camp show there’s a story by De Camp called Gun For Dinosaur from X Minus One.

There… Hopefully that will keep you all at bay with your fix of SF until next week.
Get ready… Blast Off!

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Posted by Tony C. Smith