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BBC Radio 4Our resident agent in the U.K., Roy, tells us that the latest issue of the Radio Times has a BBC Radio 4 show that may be of interest…

The Listening Room
By Steve Gough; Performed by a full cast
Broadcaster: BBC Radio 4 / Saturday Play
Broadcast: January 26th 2007 @ 14:30-15:30
In this psychological thriller exploring truth, confidentiality and morality, it is the year 2035 and Kathleen works on a national helpline in a call centre named The Listening Room. Late one night, she receives a call from a man named John who holds a terrible secret. Over the past three years, he claims to be responsible for the “disappearance” of many foreign nationals and illegal immigrants who are perceived by those in the British Interior Ministry to be an unacceptable threat to the State. Kathleen listens with horror, bewilderment and disbelief, but the strict professional code she works to has been drummed into her. Confidentiality is paramount and must never be broken – even in the most extreme case. As she’s drawn in deeper, Kathleen starts to feel that even her own sanity is under threat.

This should be available through the “listen again” feature for 6 days following the broadcast.

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