BBC Radio 4: The Further Adventures of the First King of Mars

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BBC Radio 4Watching the trains, the skies and the Radio Times schedule in the U.K., our agent, codenamed “Roy” – has reliable intel on an important upcoming BBC Radio 4 broadcast. Peter Capaldi will be reading a Nick Walker story which is a follow up to the short story The First King Of Mars which aired during the Sputnik season in October of 2007. Here are details on the follow up…

The Further Adventures of the First King of Mars
By Nick Walker; Read by Peter Capaldi
5 Radio Broadcasts – Approx. 15 Minutes each [UNABRIDGED?]
Broadcaster: BBC Radio 4 / Afternoon Reading
Broadcast: Mon., July 28th to Fri., 1 August 1st 2008 @ 3.30-3.45pm (U.K. time)
Peter Capaldi is back as The First King Of Mars. To mark the 50th anniversary of the launch of Sputnik in 2007, BBC Radio 4 commissioned Nick Walker to write a short story that captured the spirit of American Fifties B-movies and the pulp science fiction of magazines such as Amazing Stories. The result was The First King Of Mars. Now, in five thrilling, action-packed instalments, the story continues where it left off. Last year, Radio 4 left the brave and fearless commander employed to head up the first manned mission to Mars as he plummeted towards the planet with no luxuriously thick atmosphere to slow him down. This series discovers how he and his crew survive the impact – and whether there is indeed life on Mars.

These should be available via the Afternoon Reading “Listen Again” feature shortly after the broadcast.

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