BBCR4 + RA.CC: Libraries, Labyrinths, Borges, And Me

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There’s an interesting documentary about Jorge Luis Borges over on Its presenter, Peter White, traveled to Buenos Aires, talked to a Borges biographer and a former student. He sits in the club that Borges sat in and walks the streets where Borges walked. The focus here is especially on Borges’ blindness, but the documentary is good for those who are still sighted too.

BBC Radio 4RadioArchives.ccLibraries, Labyrinths, Borges, And Me
Presented by Peter White; Reader Peter Woolf
1 MP3 – Approx. 28 Minutes [DOCUMENTARY]
Broadcaster: BBC Radio 4
Broadcast: May 19, 2009
Peter White, who has been blind since birth, presents ‘In Touch’ Radio 4’s programme for the blind and partially sighted. This is not his only job at the BBC, where he also presents documentaries on various subjects. Peter is very interested in Jorge Luis Borges’ work. Here Peter travels to Buenos Aires to find out what why Borges seems to be more quoted than read, and to use his own blindness to bring new perspective Borges’ his life and work. Produced by Mark Smally.

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