Blake’s 7 coming to Audio!

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Audio Drama - Blake's 7Roy, our exeptionaly talented British agent has found out that a UK-based independent media production company, B7 Productions, has announced the return of the cult television classic, Blake’s 7 as a series of original audio dramas. Cognoscenti of a certain age will remember that the original Blake’s 7 television series aired between 1978 and 1981 in the UK. You can read the original press release HERE, but suffice it to say it sounds like B7 has been “re-imagined” with a number of very professional actors. The series is to be comprised of 36 five minute audio dramas and will debut in spring 2007. A special ‘extended’ CD edition should also be released to retail in the month following broadcast.

About … Blake’s 7:

In the original series, Terry Nation, one of Britain’s foremost television writers of the 1960’s and 1970’s, gave the world a vision of the future, a future where the galaxy is ruled by the iron fist of a galactic federation, in which freedom and justice are things of the past. Into this vision he cast a small band of outlaws, who by pure chance found themselves in control of the most powerful space vessel in the known galaxy – the Liberator. Led by the enigmatic Roj Blake this group of rebels would strike at the very heart of the Federation and change the face of science fiction television forever.

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