Blake’s 7 on BBC 7


Blake’s 7 on BBC7’s The 7th Dimension

The second one hour show of the new Blake’s 7 audio drama series has just aired!

Comments about Blake’s 7 audio drama…

“Its great that Blake’s Seven is back on the BBC. Hearing the stories as one hour blocks rather than 5 min bits is so much better!” -Kally_1978

“Very well done BBC7 for this purchase from sci-fi. And for broadcasting it in substantial one hour chunks. Thoroughly enjoyed the first episode. A very neat ‘reimagining’ (horrible word)of the origin tale. Looking forward to the next chapter.” -rosewizard

“I have to say, I was impressed. It’s played straight – none of the tongue-in-cheek nonsense that spoils so much science fiction. And I was delighted that there was some effort at scientific accuracy. The space travel element is well worked out, they don’t assume that all spaceships have artificial gravity…” -Blue_Biro

And these folks are dead-on, this show is super slick. The program shines in the 1 hour format. If you were a fan of the original tv series you’ll absolutely love this re-imagining. I hope these adventures continue past just these three shows.

Posted by Jesse Willis

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