BSAP: The Hyborian Age by Robert E. Howard

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The countdown has begun!

Broken Sea Audio Productions Presents CONAN by Robert E. Howard

The Hyborian Age Episode 1 |MP3| is a prelude to more Broken Sea Audio Productions of Robert E. Howard audio to come. Here’s the offical word:

To whet the Cimmerian appetites awaiting our Full Cast Audio Drama Production of the Robert E. Howard classic CONAN tale “Queen Of The Black Coast”, we are releasing REH’s own history of that barbaric age of steel and sorcery! The Hyborian Age in Audio Book format, depicting the cataclysmic time that passed before CONAN wielded his mighty sword and trod under his sandaled feet!

Check out the new Broken Sea CONAN site HERE and the trailer |MP3| for the upcoming Queen Of The Black Coast audio drama!

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