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Podcast - AudioLingoAudioLingo is a podcast by Jay King. Jay hosts two shows on KABF 88.3 FM in Little Rock, AR but more interestingly he also describes himself as a “master of a race of curious and somewhat deformed little peoplecreatures made of clay.” Cool cool!

Episode #68 of his podcast includes an extremely short piece by Lovecraft. And here it is…

The Book
By H.P. Lovecraft; Read by Jay King
1 MP3 – 7 Minutes 23 Seconds [UNABRIDGED]
Podcast: October 27th 2006

Dateline Jasoom Podcast on The Early Days of the SF pulps!

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Podcast - Dateline JasoomOn the newest Dateline Jasoom, there’s a good discussion with noted pulp fan/historian Robert Weinberg. He talks about the early, early days of Science Fiction in the pulps. Robert has written 16 fiction books, 16 non-fiction books, has edited over 100 books. This was recorded at Chicago’s Windycon. Also in on the discussion is SF author Jack McDevitt.

The show starts off with a Tarzan Yodel Song (better than it sounds!)

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Mike Resnick interview on ERB podcast – Dateline Jasoom

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Podcast - Dateline Jasoom Dateline Jasoom, a podcast about the imaginative works of Edgar Rice Burroughs, has an interview with legendary SF author Mike Resnick. Mr. Resnick has written over 50 novels, numerous short stories, has edited 45 anthologies, and won 5 Hugos as well as a Nebula award. Mike was an assistant editor in his younger days for the Hugo award-winning fanzine ERB-dom. He talks about that as well as his early novels that were a pastiche of Burroughs that he is now very discomforted about.

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H. Beam Piper’s Little Fuzzy as a FREE UNABRIDGED audiobook!

Little Fuzzy is a minor classic of Science Fiction by H. Beam Piper. Thanks to the wondiferous hobby of Maureen O’Brien it is now available in its unabridged entirety as an amateur produced MP3 audiobook. All 17 chapters are available now for free via

Little Fuzzy by H. Beam PiperLittle Fuzzy
By H.Beam Piper; Read by Maureen O’Brien
17 Zipped MP3 Files – 6 Hours 45 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
PODCAST: Maria Lectrix
COMPLETED: October 2006

The planet Zarathustra is going through a dry spell. Land-prawns, ecologists, and scared bureaucrats are coming out of the woodwork. But there’s more trouble to come. The cutest little alien critter you’ve ever seen: Little Fuzzy.

The story revolves around determining whether a small furry species discovered on the planet Zarathustra is sapient. Along the way a gentle kind of libertarianism that emphasizes sincerity and honesty is advocated. This is generally considered a “juvenile” novel.

The narrator, Maureen O’Brien, first released each chapter as an instalment on her Maria Lectrix Podcast which she describes as “Six days a week of public domain audiobooks — mystery, history, adventure, devotion — for people with Catholic tastes.” About Little Fuzzy she writes:

“Right now, I’m making an audiobook of H. Beam Piper’s novel Little Fuzzy. It’s in the public domain and on Gutenberg, because Piper didn’t renew copyright. Piper is one of my younger brother’s favorite authors, so I’m really doing it for him. But the funny thing is that I actually am enjoying the book a lot more than I did back in junior high; I guess the legal and corporate maneuvering makes more sense to me now.”

Little Fuzzy is finished, I asked her what else she’d been working on. It seems that Maureen’s been in fandom more than a dozen years, helping out at some conventions and writting for an shared world superhero zine, Vanguard Dossier. She says…

“I record public domain stuff because I am cheap and have time on my hands. Also, it’s nice to give something back to the Internet that’s given so much to me. Back in the BBS days, you were expected to upload a certain amount of material to offset all the files from other people that you were downloading. I think I’ve done that now.”

And has she ever she’s recorded dozens of other stories, novels, poems and plays too!

“I’m afraid my choice of literary works is a bit haphazard, as I usually pick on whim something I like, something I’ve been meaning to read, or something I run across that looks interesting. My original plan was to podcast mostly short stories, short essays, and a few longer works. Instead, novels and epic poems have taken over my podcast.

For quite a while, I was broadcasting something from the works of antebellum New York SF/Fantasy writer Fitz James O’Brien every Monday. Partly this was because I like his stuff and think he’s unfairly neglected. But partly it’s because I had a hard time deciding what to read on Mondays and he narrowed that down quite a lot. But Fitz had a very interesting take on life, and I enjoyed that a lot. He was also amazingly prolific; there are still tons of stories by him that I haven’t done.

I also really enjoyed reading Lord Dunsany, who has been one of my all time favorite authors since I first encountered his stories. When he really gets rolling, his fantasy can veer abruptly from the highest flights of beauty and language to the silliest comedy within a few sentences. He was wonderful to read; and I fully intend to read some more stories by him later this year. I would love to hear someone adapt one of his spooky plays as an audio drama; I think they might work very well.

A lot of the epic poems I’ve podcasted are actually fantasy novels in poetic form. Lucan’s Pharsalia is full of witchcraft and horror, ancient Roman style. Scott’s The Bride of Triermain is pure fantasy, with King Arthur, demigoddesses, bards, phantoms, and all.”

It is all very cool and I’m going to be keeping my ear attuned to Maureen’s passion. I’ve subscribed to her podcast. If you’re interested you too can subscribe by plugging this feed into your podcatcher:

This week’s Escape Pod has Mike Resnick content!

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Escape PodThe story this week over on Escape Pod, the preeminent podcast SF magazine, is Barnaby In Exile by Mike Resnick. Bring a hanky to this one. The story is reminiscent, and from my POV clearly in dialogue with, Pat Murphy‘s classic Rachel In Love. Both are powerful anthropomorphic visions of apes in tough emotional spots. If you like Barnaby In Exile Robert J. Saywer reccommends also reading Robert Silverberg‘s Pope Of The Chimps.

EP073: Barnaby in Exile
By Mike Resnick; Read by Paul Fischer
Podcaster: Escape Pod
Podcast: September 28th 2006

Review of A Different Point Of View by TD-0013

SFFaudio Review

A Different Point Of ViewA Different Point Of View
By TD-0013; Read by TD-0013
Podcast Book – Approx. 60 minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Published: August 2006
Themes: / Science Fiction / Comedy / Star Wars / Jedi’s / Sand People / Sand troopers / Thugs / Clones / Rebel Scum /

“The Rebel Alliance is a terrorist organization, plain and simple.”

For fans of the Star Wars saga, you’re going to enjoy this podiobook. ADPOV began as a segment on ”Michael and Evo’s Wingin’ It” podcast. It received such a great response, the segments were put into a podiobook format for all to enjoy. TD-0013, an Imperial Sand Trooper, brings you a set of 15 essays, all of which dispel myths and accusations you have come to know as fact from the Star Wars movies. From how Skywalker and Solo were allowed to escape with Leia from the Death Star (and most likely even assisted), to how there is no way the Emperor has been oppressing the galaxy, TD will have you believing the Rebels are indeed manipulative and evil. He has the facts to back it up, too.

In the eighth report, “I Am Not A Clone”, TD very matter-of-factly explains if he were indeed a clone, there is no way he would be as high-strung or outspoken as he is. He joined the Empire for one reason only- to restore order to the Universe! One of my favorites however is the third report, “Rebel Terrorists”. Being of the political mindset that I am, the way he made the Alliance out to be bloodthirsty, “shoot first and ask questions later” anarchists just had me in stitches. I mean, it makes complete sense how they deceived those poor, peaceful, cute-as-a-button Ewoks and used them to fight their battle on Endor!

It’s a quick listen, well-written, and just plain fun. We also get these reports from ‘in the field’, so we hear TD speaking through his helmet. A trooper’s work is never done.

You do need to know the Star Wars saga if you want to completely understand TD’s perspective. There are also several others in which you only need to know basic background. TD-0013 also maintains his own webpage, so I certainly hope he will continue to bring truth to the Star Wars universe. Who knows, he might even convince this Rebel sympathizer to change which side of the Force she is on.