CBC Radio producer Joe Mahoney in an Analog Science Fiction Story


Assorted NonsenseJoe Mahoney, CBC Radio Producer, Science Fiction writer and blogger appears as a character in Robert J. Sawyer‘s latest novel, Rollback which is being serialized in Analog Science Fiction Magazine. Joe writes:

“Rob mentions my name on pg 107 as the sound engineer in charge of Sounds Like Canada… Don Halifax stands behind me at the controls as his wife is being interviewed. Now that’s really cool. I should point out that the current, real life engineer of Sounds Like Canada is Natasha Aziz. But the interview in Rob’s novel takes place in 2009, so it’s not completely inconceivable that I could engineer the show sometime in 2009. (I used to engineer Sounds Like Canada’s predecessor Morningside from time to time.) Rob also mentions the show Faster Than Light that we attempted to develop a while back for CBC Radio.”


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