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CBC Radio One’s World Of MysteryThere are 12 new shows in CBC Radio One’s “Radio Summer 2008” lineup. And one of them is a new Mystery radio drama anthology series…

“International radio drama at its most mysterious. We share mysteries from the BBC World Service, Radio New Zealand, Ireland, Australia and the U.S.”

But, at least so far, it isn’t being podcast! And, it’s also the only one without an audio preview. If any CBC show is going to be podcast it should be the radio dramas! Still, World of Mystery airs twice a week, first on Wednesdays at 11pm and then it repeats Fridays at 11:30am.

Here are the episodes:

From ABC (Australia)…
Concerto for Humans and Semtex
Broadcast: Part One airs on July 9th, Part Two airs on July 16th
Four intricately interwoven stories, each featuring a conversation between two people with opposing attitudes who have been affected directly by the aggression, explore the bigger questions of war and terrorism. Reading through each story separately gives the impression that the “war on terror” is a drawn-out, tragic and futile exercise fuelled by hypocrisy, self-interest and hidden agendas.

From Radio New Zealand…
The Moehau
Broadcast: Part One airs on July 23rd, Part Two airs on July 30th
A young woman hiker lies in a psychiatric hospital, traumatised, babbling in a language she has never learned, and refusing to open her clenched eyes. Has she unwittingly awakened something dark, primitive and unspeakable in the mountains and ravines of the Moehau Range, or did she herself commit an unspeakable crime? The Moehau stirs up mythological undercurrents from New Zealand’s ancient past, disturbing the placid surface of our beliefs and fears.

From BBC Worldwide…
The Black Cat Murder Mystery
Broadcast: Part One airs on August 6th, Part Two airs on August 13th
London 2008. A comic murder mystery set in an apartment block in Fitzrovia: a cosmopolitan neighbourhood a step away from the BBC’s famous Broadcasting House. Featuring a corpse in flat 6; a mysterious hermit in flat 12; a cognitive neuroscientist looking for love in flat 3; a Russian businessman in flat 11; a Japanese bassoonist in flat 8; a seductive blonde in flat 5 – and an extremely unusual detective.

CBC Radio One…
The World According to Charlie D: Long Time Listener/First Time Caller
Broadcast: Part One airs on August 20th, Part Two airs on August 27th
The brilliant and disfigured late night radio show host Charlie D is a regular in Gail Bowen’s best-selling Joanne Kibourn mystery series. In this play, we have Charlie D and his faithful producer Nova, trying to figure out if one of his devoted, demented fans is also a killer…

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