Clip from Horror Hotel, Roger Gregg!

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The extraordinary Roger Gregg says:

Hi Radio Dramatists…

We’ve just put up a short clip from 2010’s radio play ‘ Horror Hotel Episode
One’ produced as part of our Radio Drama/Acting In Audio course at The Gaiety School of Acting.

The scene features wonderful performances by Margaret McAuliffe and Genevieve Hulme-Beaman.

For location realism, Margaret got in her bathing suit and we filled the bath to record this scene.

The scene was recorded with a portable HD recorder and a Rode Stereo Microphone.

Draining the bath was recorded wild in situ. The other bath sounds were created naturally by the actors in the scene, rising from the bath and so forth. The scripts were taped to the walls of the bathroom to faciliate maximum free movement.

And here it is in all its spooky goodness:


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