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Exploring Dystopia - Radio Dystopia

“The purpose of Exploring Dystopia is not to kill time, play with web editors, stimulate the ego, build a virtual monument or something like that. The raison d’être of Exploring Dystopia is simply to promote dystopian fiction, thus stimulating people to think for themselves.”

-Niclas Hermansson (editor of Exploring Dystopia)

And that’s just what you’ll find on the Exploring Dystopia website. It is a super-detailed, highly engaging exploration of the seamier side of utopia. You’ll find endless resources at the site, but I found myself enthralled by one particular section:

This section is solely comprised of a 1300 word essay entitled “Voices In The Night: An Introduction To Dystopias In Radio Drama.” The essay is written by Jeff Dickson, the master behind The OTR Plot Spot. You’ll find it a terrific study of both the history and the power of dystopian fiction in the Radio Drama form. Go check it out!

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