Darker Matter MP3s of Douglas Adams

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Darker Matter Online Science Fiction MagazineA vintage Douglas Adams interview appears in the first three issues of Darker Matter a new online Science Fiction magazine. This exclusive interview comes from some recently rediscovered tapes, recorded in 1979 and never before made public. It’s one of the earliest interviews Adams gave, and offers a glimpse of his life and opinions at a time when the spoils of fame meant being able to get a £20,000 mortgage to buy a flat.” While the full interview is available over the first three issues they are transcribed. The good news is there are two short excerpts in the MP3 format. And Here they are: Excerpts 1 |MP3| Excerpt 2 |MP3|. To read the entire interview visit the Darker Matter site. And to lobby for the full release of the audio visit THIS Darker Matter forum thread and cast your vote.

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