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Destructomundo PodcastVault dweller take heed, Destructomundo! is the practical advice podcast for surviving the various scenarios that might end the world. Survialists Adam, Ted, Derek, and James tackle a different scenario for how the world will end each show and give proven advice based on the what the characters on television and film have successfully done to survive the end of the world.

Episode 017 Doppelgangers |MP3|
Episode 016 Mutants |MP3|
Episode 015 Rocks From Space |MP3|
Episode 014 Bunkers |MP3|
Episode 013 Post Apocalypses |MP3|
Episode 012 Dystopia |MP3|
Episode 011a/011b The Fourth Reich |MP3| & |MP3|
Episode 010a/010b Zombie Apocalypse |MP3| & |MP3|
Episode 009 The Antichrist |MP3|
Episode 008 The Last Man On Earth |MP3|
Episode 007 Doom Cults |MP3|
Episode 006 The Big List |MP3|
Episode 005 Science Run Amok |MP3|
Episode 004 Supervillians |MP3|
Episode 003 Aliens Attack! |MP3|
Episode 002 Rise of the Robots |MP3|
Episode 001 Road Warriors |MP3|

Shows come out on a regular basis but the end may be nigh so subscribe while you can – plug this URL into your ruggedized, EMP-proof and solar-powered podcatcher:

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