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Audiobook Publisher - Deuce AudioAudible.comScott D. Danielson, along with myself, is an SFFaudio founder. He’s now working as a reviewer, and as our “Web Kzin.” But his SFFaudio cred doesn’t end there. He’s also a long time Audiofile magazine reviewer, an Audie Awards judge, was a long-time columnist for SFsite and is a professional Science Fiction author. He’s also been running a little audiobook company and he’s just posted a story of interest about it to his personal blog

Scott writes:

“I’m in the final stages of preparing audio for submission to My company, Deuce Audio, will soon have stuff for sale on Audible and iTunes, just as was planned when I started the darned thing almost three years ago. More on that sometime in the future, I’m sure. I haven’t even told the authors that these will be on there because I’ve told them that before and it didn’t happen. This time, the contract is signed, and the stories will be out there soon. So I’m closer, but I won’t believe it until I actually download one.”

There are other folks in similar situations to Scott and his Deuce Audio, other companies with Science Fiction and Fantasy and Horror audiobooks that are making deals to get their content onto (and therefore iTunes too). We’ll try to let you know as they make their announcements. The future never sounded so good!

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