Documentary on The Tunguska Event set to air on Boxing Day

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Television - The History ChannelBill DeSmedt, author of the SFFaudio Essential podiobook Singularity wrote in to say that there’s a cool documentary set to air on The History

Sez Bill: “As if Christmas weren’t apocalyptic enough…”

Tuesday, December 26 10:00 PM
Wednesday, December 27 02:00 AM

At 7:15AM on June 30, 1908, a giant fireball, as bright the Sun, explodes in the Siberian sky with a force a thousand times greater than the Hiroshima bomb. It decimates 1,000 square miles of forest–over half the size of Rhode Island, and was the biggest cosmic disaster in the history of civilization. What caused the apocalyptic fire in the sky? Over a hundred theories surround what is called the Tunguska event, varying from asteroids and comets to black holes and alien spaceships. Most scientists agree the Tunguska event will happen again, and next time, the human toll could be unimaginable. Now, NASA and other organizations race against time to stop the next planet killer before it ignites Armageddon.

Those planning on listening to Singularity, check this out, it’ll give you a primer.

Thanks Bill!

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