Elizabeth Bear - http://www.flickr.com/photos/89986804@N00/Elizabeth Bear (1971 – ) is a hot new American Science Fiction writer of short stories and novels. Being nominated for a number of awards, her greatest accolades thus far are as the winner of the 2005 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer and the Hugo award winning short story: Tideline. Bear is a co-author of a non-existent television show called “Shadow Unit.” As an amateur audiobook narrator herself, Bear’s work is becoming more and more available in the audio format. Recorded Books LLC has licensed rights to three Bear novels Undertow, Carnival, and Dust for their new Science Fiction line.

Short Stories:

Star Ship Sofa podcastTideline
By Elizabeth Bear; Read by Diane Severson
Podcaster: StarShipSofa
Podcast: August 27th 2008
Robots and kids, they go together like peanut butter and jelly. Here is a tale that sandwiches both with a dollop of emotion and large slatherings of good writing.

“The Something-Dreaming Game”
By Elizabeth Bear; Read by Mur Lafferty
1 |MP3| – Approx. 39 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Podcaster: Escape Pod
Podcast: July 11th, 2008
First, there’s the pressure. A special kind of pressure, high under Tara’s chin, that makes her feel heavy and light all at once. She kneels by the chair and leans across the edge, because if she faints, the chair will roll away and she won’t choke. She’s always careful.

By Elizabeth Bear; Read by Stephen Eley
Podcaster: Escape Pod
Podcast: April 24th, 2008
They would have called her salvage, if there were anyone left to salvage her. But she was the last of the war machines, a three-legged oblate teardrop as big as a main battle tank, two big grabs and one fine manipulator folded like a spider’s palps beneath the turreted head that finished her pointed end, her polyceramic armor spiderwebbed like shatterproof glass. Unhelmed by her remote masters, she limped along the beach, dragging one fused limb. She was nearly derelict. The beach was where she met Belvedere.

Star Ship Sofa podcastAnd the Deep Blue Sea
By Elizabeth Bear; Read by Amy H Sturgis
1 |MP3| – Approx. 57 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Podcaster: StarShipSofa
Podcast: April 2nd, 2008
The end of the world had come and gone. It turned out not to matter much in the long run. The mail still had to get through. Harrie signed yesterday’s paperwork, checked the dates against the calendar, contemplated her signature for a moment, and capped her pen. She weighed the metal barrel in her hand and met Dispatch’s faded eyes. “What’s special about this trip?” First published in SCIFICTION, May 2005.

Subterranean Press - Wax by Elizabeth BearWax
By Elizabeth Bear; Read by Mary Robinette Kowal
7 MP3s – Approx. 1 Hour 14 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Subterranean Press
Published: May 2007
|MP3 Chapter 1|MP3 Chapter 2|MP3 Chapter 3|
|MP3 Chapter 4|MP3 Chapter 5|MP3 Chapter 6|
|MP3 Chapter 7|
Abigail Irene Garrett drinks too much. She makes scandalous liaisons with inappropriate men, and if in her youth she was a famous beauty, now she is both formidable–and notorious. She is a forensic sorceress, and a dedicated officer of a Crown that does not deserve her loyalty. She has nothing, but obligations. Sebastien de Ulloa is the oldest creature she has ever known. He was no longer young at the Christian millennium, and that was nine hundred years ago. He has forgotten his birth-name, his birth-place, and even the year in which he was born, if he ever knew it. But he still remembers the woman who made him immortal. He has everything, but a reason to live. In a world where the sun never set on the British Empire, where Holland finally ceded New Amsterdam to the English only during the Napoleonic wars, and where the expansion of the American colonies was halted by the war magic of the Iroquois, they are exiles in the new world–and its only hope for justice. Wax is the second standalone tale in Bear’s new mosaic novel New Amsterdam.

The Chains That You Refuse by Elizabeth BearThe Chains That You Refuse
By Elizabeth Bear; Read by Elizabeth Bear
Podcaster: ????
Podcast: 200?
The title story from Bear’s collection of the same name.


The Future And You
Interview with Elizabeth Bear and others
1 |MP3| – 142 Minutes [INTERVIEW]
Podcaster: The Future And You
Podcast: May 1st, 2007
“Must a generation die off for a culture to change its most deeply held beliefs? Or is our current population somehow learning to become comfortable with nontraditional ideas, behaviors, clothing and lifestyles? Elizabeth Bear speaks of this and the universal notion of Us verses Them.”

The Future And You
Interview with Elizabeth Bear and others
1 |MP3| – 155 minutes [INTERVIEW]
Podcaster: The Future And You
Podcast: March 1st, 2007
What if everyone hypertexted within all conversations? What if you never had to define your terms because those not familiar with them could look them up faster than you could have provided the explanation. Elizabeth Bear has many ideas about this, AI, cell phones and the Singularity.

The Future And You
Interview with Elizabeth Bear and others
1 |MP3| – 126 Minutes [INTERVIEW]
Podcaster: The Future And You
Podcast: February 1st, 2007
Would you trust Microsoft to provide the operating system for your eventually augmented brain? Can atheists be both devout and non-militant? Elizabeth Bear hits these topics as well as non-lethal military weapons and her ongoing involvement with SETI-@-home.

Convention Audio:

Penguicon 5 Opening Ceremonies

1 |MP3| – [SPEECH]
Convention: Penguicon 5.0
Recorded: 2007
Convention chair John Guest and head of programming Matt Arnold introduce the guests of honor Bruce Schneier, Charlie Stross, Christine Peterson, Elizabeth Bear, and Steve Jackson.

In Search of Adventure (aka We Might Need A Plot)
Panelists: Elizabeth Bear, M. Keaton, David Crampton, Sarah Monette
Convention: Penguicon 5.0
Recorded: 2007
Elizabeth Bear, M. Keaton, David Crampton, and Sarah Monette discuss coming up with plots for books. How do these guys come up with it, book after book–the thrills, the mistakes, the challenges and triumphs of our favorite heroes? Where do writers get their plots? What about themes? There’s rumored to be a shop in Indiana that sells them but… Our panelists attempt and probably fail to answer these questions as they discuss the backbone of every book–the plot. Where does it come from? Does it change before you can nail it down? Do you even need one?

Commercial Audiobooks:

Science Fiction Audiobook - Mini-Masterpieces Of Science Fiction edited by Allan KasterMini Masterpieces of Science Fiction
Edited by Allan Kaster; Read by Tom Dheere and Vanessa Hart
4 CDs – 3 Hours 48 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Infinivox
Published: 2008
The Something-Dreaming Game” by Elizabeth Bear

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