FREDERIC BROWNFREDRIC BROWN (1906 – 1972) was an American Science Fiction and Mystery author. It is said that Brown plotted his books while taking long bus rides. Best known for his use of humor and for his mastery of what we’d now call “flash fiction,” Brown specialized in ingenious plotting devices and surprise endings. In his SF, themes of parody, aliens and martians recurred over and over. Brown claimed he wrote ‘mysteries for money and science fiction for fun.’

Podcast Fiction:

Earthmen Bearing Gifts by Frederic BrownEarthmen Bearing Gifts
By Fredric Brown; Read by Dave Tackett
Podcaster: Beam Me Up
Podcast: September 20th, 2008
First published in the June 1960 issue of Galaxy magazine. “Mars had gifts to offer and Earth had much in return—if delivery could be arranged!”

The Magazine Of Fantasy And Science Fiction February 1957The Inferlab Project and Expedition
By G.C. Edmondson and Fredric Brown; Read by Terry Lenz and The Time Traveler
Podcaster: The Time Traveler Show
Podcast: July 7th, 2006
Two stories from the February 1957 issue of The Magazine Of Fantasy And Science Fiction.

Arena by Frederic BrownArena
By Frederic Brown; Read by
1 |MP3| – Approx. 1 Hour [UNABRIDGED]
Podcaster: The Time Traveler Show
Podcast: July 23rd, 2006
Originally published in the June 1944 issue of Astounding Science Fiction magazine this tale was first adapted as an episode of the original Outer Limits in 1964, then in 1967 for the original Star Trek television series (the infamous “Gorn” episode), and even as a comic in Marvel Comics magazine Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction in 1976.

Hypnobobs - Naturally by Fredric BrownHypnobobs – Naturally
By Fredric Brown; Read by Jim Moon
1 |MP3| – Approx. 5 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Podcaster: Hypnobobs
Podcast: August 22, 2011
Henry Blodgett is a terrible math student and knows he’ll fail his upcoming geometry exam. But as a student of black magic he may have found a way out! First published in the September 1954 issue of Beyond Fantasy Fiction.

Radio Drama:

Mind WebsMind Webs – The Weapon
By Fredric Brown
1 |MP3| –
Broadcaster: WHA
Broadcast: 1977

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