Harry Harrison - http://www.flickr.com/photos/cadigan/135832302/HARRY HARRISON (1925 – 2012) was an American SF author, comic book artist, and book editor who lived in Ireland and the UK. Harrison, named a Grand Master by the SFWA in 2009, was the author of several stand-alone novels, multiple series, and many short stories. Satire and humor marks much of his work. There have been several commercial releases of Harry Harrison audiobooks in the last couple of years, notably the Stainless Steel Rat series and Make Room, Make Room. There are also a good number of Harry Harrison audiobooks derived from his public domain fictions. Here are two good HH resources: official HH website and an informative HH blog too.

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LibriVox Science Fiction - Deathworld by Harry HarrisonDeathworld
By Harry Harrison; Read by Gregg Margarite
28 Zipped MP3 Files or Podcast – Approx. 5 Hours 23 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: LibriVox.org
Published: April 2009
Some planet in the galaxy must—by definition—be the toughest, meanest, nastiest of all. If Pyrrus wasn’t it … it was an awfully good approximation! First published in Astounding Science Fiction magazine’s January, February and March 1960 issues.

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LibriVox Science Fiction Audiobook - Planet Of The Damned by Harry HarrisonPlanet Of The Damned
By Harry Harrison; Read by various
19 Zipped MP3 Files or Podcast – Approx. 6 Hours
Publisher: LibriVox.org
Published: June 5th 2008
Once in a generation, a man is born with a heightened sense of empathy. Brion Brandd used this gift to win the Twenties, an annual physical and mental competition among the best and smartest people on Anvhar. But scarcely able to enjoy his victory, Brandd is swept off to the hellish planet Dis where he must use his heightened sense of empathy to help avert a global nuclear holocaust by negotiating with the blockading fleet, traversing the Disan underworld, and cracking the mystery of the savagely ruthless magter.

LibriVox Science Fiction - The K-Factor by Harry HarrisonThe K Factor
By Harry Harrison; Read by Gregg Margarite
1 |MP3| – Approx. 54 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: LibriVox.org
Published: February 2008
Speed never hurt anybody—it’s the sudden stop at the end. It’s not how much change that signals danger, but how fast it’s changing…. From Analog December 1960.

LibriVox Science Fiction - The Misplaced Battleship by Harry HarrisonThe Misplaced Battleship
By Harry Harrison; Read by Barny Shergold
1 |MP3| – Approx. 59 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: LibriVox.org
Published: March 2008
It might seem a little careless to lose track of something as big as a battleship … but interstellar space is on a different scale of magnitude. But a misplaced battleship—in the wrong hands!—can be most dangerous. First published in the April 1960 issue of Astounding Science Fiction magazine.

The Repairman
By Harry Harrison; Read by Rowdy Delaney
1 |MP3| – Approx. 32 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: LibriVox.org
Published: March 2008

The Repairman
By Harry Harrison; Read by Taras Shuper
1 |MP3| – Approx. 30 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: LibriVox.org
Published: February 2008

The Repairman
By Harry Harrison; Read by Anton
1 |MP3| – 29 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: LibriVox.org
Published: November 17, 2007

Toy Shop
By Harry Harrison; Read by Cori Samuel
1 |MP3| -12 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: LibriVox.org
Published: November 17, 2007


By The Falls by Harry HarrisonBy The Falls
By Harry Harrison; Read by Grant Stone
1 |MP3| – Approx. 21 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Podcaster: StarShip Sofa
Podcast: February 2008
It was the rich damp grass, slippery as soap, covering the path, that caused .Carter to keep slipping and falling, not the steepness of the hill. The front of his raincoat was wet and his knees were muddy long before be reached the summit. And with each step forward and upward the continuous roar of sound grew louder. He was hot and tired by the time he reached the top of the ridge–yet he instantly forgot his discomfort as he looked out across the wide bay.

The Time Traveler Show #22 - Harry Harrison’s The Velvet GloveThe Velvet Glove
By Harry Harrison; Read by Michael Bekemeyer
1 |MP3| – Approx. 1 Hour [UNABRIDGED]
Podcaster: The Time Traveler Show
Podcast: December 28th 2007
First published in pages of the November 1956 of Fantastic Universe magazine. An absolutely terrific tale of a robot named John who could very well have been the inspiration for Bender of Futurama fame!

The Repairman by Harry HarrisonThe Repairman
By Harry Harrison; Read by Ron Huber
1 |MP3| – Approx. 27 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Podcaster: Beam Me Up
Podcast: September 2007
The Mark III Hyperspace Beacon was the earliest type of beacon ever built–by Earth, no less. It was located on one of the Proxima Centauri planets, and it wasn’t working. This was one of those jobs when being an interstellar trouble-shooter wouldn’t have been so bad–if he could have shot the trouble!

Broadcast On Radio:

BBC Radio 4 - Bill, The Galactic Hero by Harry HarrisonBill, The Galactic Hero
By Harry Harrison; Read by Kerry Shale
Radio Broadcast – [ABRIDGED]
Broadcaster: BBC Radio 4
Broadcast: August 1984
“Read by Kerry Shale supported by elaborate sound effects and electronic music for added dramatic impact. Kerry Shale trained in Canada, but has been based in Britain since 1978.”
Abridged by Paul Meyhew-Archer
Music by BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Produced by Paul Meyhew-Archer
Directed by Sylvia Carter


StarShipSofaStarShipSofa Show #38: Classic Author: Harry Harrison
Podcaster: StarShipSofa
Podcast feed: http://starshipsofa.libsyn.com/rss

The Kick-Ass Mystic NinjasThe Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas: The Stainless Steel Rat
1 |MP3| – Approx. 33 Minutes [DISCUSSION]
Podcaster: The Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas
Podcast: December 27, 2008
Podcast feed: http://www.kickassmysticninjas.com/shows/feed/

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