Stanton A. CoblentzSTANTON A. COBLENTZ (1896- 1982) was an American Science Fiction author and poet. He received a Master’s Degree in English literature and then became and began his professional writing career in the 1920s. His first published science fiction was The Sunken World, a satire about Atlantis, in Amazing Stories Quarterly in July, 1928. The following year, he published his first novel, The Wonder Stick. With nearly 100 short stories, more than a dozen novels and books on literary criticism and historical subjects, Coblentz made his mark in 20th century literature. Few of his works are in print, and only two works have been put to audio. Blackstone Audio has produced one collection that includes his final novel from 1968, and Julie D. of the Forgotten Classics podcast has recorded his first novel from 1929. We need to fill in the stuff in the middle folks.

Podcast Fiction:

Forgotten Classics presents… Stanton A. Coblentz’s The Wonder StickThe Wonder Stick
By Stanton A. Coblentz; Read by Julie D.
Podcast – [UNABRIDGED]
Podcaster: Forgotten Classics
Podcast: May – September 2008
A prehistorical science fiction novel that does everything but invent the wheel. The “wonder-stick” of the title, is a real invention which provided an unparalleled quantum leap in human technology.

|MP3| Chapters 1 – 2 |MP3| Chapters 3 – 5
|MP3| Chapters 6 – 7 |MP3| Chapters 8 – 10
|MP3| Chapters 11 – 12 |MP3| Chapters 13 -15
|MP3| Chapter 16 |MP3| Chapters 17
|MP3| Chapters 18 – 19 |MP3| Chapters 20 – 21
|MP3| Chapters 22 – 24 |MP3| Chapter 25 – 26 & Conclusion

Commercial Audiobooks:

Science Fiction Audiobook - A Galaxy Trilogy by Poul Anderson, George H. Smith and Stanton A. CoblentzA Galaxy Trilogy: Volume 1
By Poul Anderson, George H. Smith and Stanton A. Coblentz; Read by Tom Weiner
12 CDs – 13.5 Hours [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks
Published: 2007
ISBN: 9781433202255

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