Flatland: A Romance Of Many Dimensions by Edwin A. Abbott

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Lit2GoLit2Go is a free online collection of stories and poems in MP3 format designed for use in Florida’s public schools (the service is funded by a grant from the Florida Department of Education). We’ve previously linked to their very serviceable reading of Frankenstein (BTW I’ve just now added a link to the NEW podcast feed for it).

Today I thought I’d point you at this classic of Victorian literature…

Flatland: A Romance Of Many DimensionsFlatland: A Romance Of Many Dimensions
By Edwin A. Abbott; Read by Laurey(?) Montgomery
22 MP3 Files – [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Lit2Go / iTunes U
Published: 2006?
Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions (1884) is a classic 19th century novella that satirizes the social hierarchy of Victorian society using mathematical figures and ideas.

These recordings are copyrighted by the University of South Florida and are for educational use.

Preface to the second and revised edition |MP3|

Part 1: This World

1: “Of the Nature of Flatland” |MP3|
2: “Of the Climate and Houses in Flatland” |MP3|
3: “Concerning the Inhabitants of Flatland” |MP3|
4: “Concerning the Women” |MP3|
5: “Of Our Methods of Recognizing One Another” |MP3|
6: “Of Recognition by Sight” |MP3|
7: “Concerning Irregular Figures” |MP3|
8: “Of the Ancient Practice of Painting” |MP3|
9: “Of the Universal Colour Bill” |MP3|
10: “Of the Suppression of the Chromatic Sedition”|MP3|
11: “Concerning Our Priests” |MP3|
12: “Of the Doctrine of Our Priests” |MP3|

Part 2: Other Worlds

13: “How I Had a Vision of Lifeland” |MP3|
14: “How I Vainly Tried to Explain the Nature of Flatland” |MP3|
15: “Concerning a Stranger from Spaceland” |MP3|
16: “How the Stranger Vainly Endeavoured to Reveal to Me in Words the Mysteries of Spaceland” |MP3|
17: “How the Sphere, Having in Vain Tried Words, Resorted to Deeds” |MP3|
18: “How I Came to Spaceland, and What I Saw There” |MP3|
19: “How, Though the Sphere Showed Me Other Mysteries of Spaceland, I Still Desire More; and What Came of It”|MP3|
20: “How the Sphere Encouraged Me in a Vision”|MP3|
21: “How I Tried to Teach the Theory of Three Dimensions to My Grandson, and with What Success”|MP3|
22: “How I Then Tried to Diffuse the Theory of Three Demensions by Other Means, and of the Result” |MP3|

No podcast feed is available (yet), but you can find the files in the “iTunes U” section of iTunes by doing a search.

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