Free Audio novel – Communion of Dreams by James Downey

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Communion of DreamsCommunion of Dream
By James Downey; Read by Scot Wilcox
19 Chapters as multiple MP3s- 15.5 Hours [UNABRIDGED]

Communion of Dreams is an “alternative future history” set in 2052 where the human race is still struggling to recover from a massive pandemic flu some 40 years previously.  Much of the population is infertile.  National borders and alliances have shifted.  Regional nuclear wars have prompted some countries to turn to establishing settlements in space, and there’s a major effort to detect Earth-like planets in nearby star systems for future colonization.  Fringe eco-religious groups threaten to thwart the further advancement of science and technology, and resist any effort to spread humanity to the stars.

When an independent prospector on Titan discovers an alien artifact, assumptions based on the lack of evidence of extra-terrestrial intelligence are called into question.  Knowing that news of such a discovery could prompt chaos on Earth, a small team is sent to investigate and hopefully manage the situation.  What they find is that there’s more to human history, and human abilities, than any of them ever imagined.  And that they will need all those insights, and all those abilities, to face the greatest threat yet to human survival.

James Downey has a text version as well an audio version of his novel, Communion of Dreams.  The chapters are divided up into multiple MP3 so it may take some time to get it downloaded.  He makes the very common mistake of calling it a podcast on his download page; when in fact, it is just a page with links to the indiviual files.  An RSS feed would be nice for ease of downloading.  The reader is Scot Wilcox that has his own production company at OwnMade AudioBooks.

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