FREE Hugo Nominated Neil Gaiman story How To Talk To Girls At Parties

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NeilGaiman.comNeil Gaiman‘s HUGO NOMINATED short story How To Talk To Girls At Parties is being given away as a FREE MP3 download! Gaiman writes:

“The story is in Fragile Things and was also in the January cover date Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. There’s a worthy tradition (a recent tradition, but a tradition) of getting Hugo nominated short stories up on the web to help level the playing field and allow the voters to read as much as possible, and I’ll get the story up somewhere here soonish.”

The audio is up and here it is…

How To Talk To Girls At Parties by Neil GaimanHow To Talk To Girls At Parties
By Neil Gaiman; Read by Neil Gaiman
Published: April 2007
A tale of two boys going to a party and encountering those mysterious beings known as “girls.”

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