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Deuce AudioFrom the Toot Our Own Horn Department… Announcing Deuce Audio!

The first two titles from our very own audiobook company, Deuce Audio, are available as of today for download from Fictionwise! They are: The Retrieval Artist by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, read by Stefan Rudnicki (2 hours, $4.99) and Shed Skin by Robert J. Sawyer, read by Stephen Hoye (45 minutes, $2.99).

Our goal is produce great audiobooks using excellent stories, performed by professionals, and at the best possible price. We hope you like them!

Though we’ve taken this baby step into publishing, be assured that SFFAudio will continue. Because we do this for the love of the stories and how they are told, we don’t expect our Deuce Audio publications to influence our objectivity when reviewing other titles. We certainly won’t review our own titles here (unless we find an independent voice to do so), nor will we fill your screen with “Buy me!” pop-ups. SFFAudio is a site for fans of science fiction and fantasy audio in all its forms, and it will remain just that.

All my best, everyone, and thanks for visiting SFFAudio!

Posted by Scott D. Danielson

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