Good news and bad news for fans of Science Ficti…

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Good news and bad news for fans of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror audio dramatizations today. First the bad news…

Zombie Astronaut Zombie Astronaut, one of our favorite mp3 webzines, has sadly shuffled off it’s undead coil. The aural delights have ceased due to ZA’s overwhelming popularity. It seems that the bandwidth traffic made for a giant expense in the anonymous host’s pocketbook. It is a bitter shame that mere $$ have downed this floating corpse when even death itself didn’t stop it. Alas.

The good news:

An interesting podcast in a similarly horrifc vein is available, it’ll help relieve some of the loss of ZA’s passing….

Tales Of HorrorTales Of Horror is an excellent source for genre Radio Drama, unfortunately its episodes are being removed at a fairly fast clip, no doubt due to some bristly copyright issues. Cool episodes still available include:

Tales Of Horror Episode 11 – From the BBC Radio series Chillers an AWESOME adaptation of John W. Campbell‘s classic “Who Goes There?” If you download no other, download this one!

Tales of Horror Episode 4 – From the CBC Radio series Nightfall “The Club of Dead Men” A Canadian student at Cambridge, spends the night in a room once used for meetings by members of the Everlasting Club. Spooky.

Tales of Horror Episode 2 – From the CBC Radio series Nightfall “The Monkey’s Paw” by W.W. Jacobs an accursed curio from India destroys lives with its promises of three wishes. Much adapted, but likely never better that this.

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