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James Patrick Kelly has teamed up with Audible.com to launch a for-pay podcast called StoryPod. Audible’s StoryPod 1.0 subscribers will get thirteen stories delivered weekly (for $16.95 USD).

There are three more thirteen story sequences set to follow too! Over the course of the next year Kelly will read fifty-two of his previously-published stories.
Jim writes:

“This project grew out of my Free Reads podcast, which will continue with a reading of my novel Look Into The Sun. I do all the production myself. In effect, I have become my own publisher of audiobooks. The idea behind StoryPod is to mashup the traditional audiobook and the new form of podcasting. I introduce each story, read it and then in an afterword I discuss some of the ideas behind the story, or talk about how it came to be written.”

StoryPod 1.0 kicks-off with Kelly’s Hugo and Nebula nominated story Rat. Forthcoming in the first thirteen week sequence will be Hugo finalist Bernardo’s House (available through Free Reads and reviewed previously), Standing In Line With Mister Jimmy, Solstice (available through Infinivox) and Mr. Boy, The Leila Torn Show, The Edge of Nowhere (previously available through Free Reads), The Dark Side of Town, and more.

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