Mark Douglas Nelson’s Home Studio

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Audiobook narrator Mark Douglas Nelson sent in a photo of his recording studio. Here’s how he describes it:

You can’t see the electronics behind the music stand, but there’s an Apogee Duet interface and PreSonus BlueTube preamp back there. Until very recently I printed out all my copy, but now I’ve been experimenting with reading off an iPad (a used, first-generation model I got on discount). The mic’s an MXL VO-1A “Harlan Hogan”. The laptop is a MacBook Pro with an aftermarket SSD. The walls are double-wall sheetrock with “Green Glue” soundproofing gunk in-between.

Mark Douglas Nelson's Recording Setup

His latest narration is a Bill Pronzini short story collection that’s just gone up on, it’s entitled Night Freight.

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